The LeechMature

I was only twelve, remember I was young...only twelve. I'd been with my freind Ash at the park, we'd been playing... I can't remember what. This older boy had come up to us and tried to take our ball. Ash had grabbed it back and the boy had shoved him with an invisible force. The invisible force had grabbed Ash and lifted him off the ground, and as the boy boasted his power the Hunger at come.

It had clawed at my insides forcing my skin to burn. It forced my hands up and around the boy's wrists. I felt the life drain from him as did his power. It flowed into me and still does to this day. Total absorbment. That's what the prosecution had said. That meant I'd taken his power and his life. The judge found me guilty of man slaughter but had let me free the only condition that I under go intensive training to master my hunger and my power.

My only freind Ash never spoke to me again and the other kids didn't want to be near me in case the Hunger gained control. Leech they called me I could hear them whipser it whenever I passed.

The End

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