The Leaving

Lillith had just finished about 4 cups of  strong coffee when she  she  hit send to  the  e-mail she had been working on for  what seemed like 2 years, in actual time it was  only 25 minutes.

It wasn't uncommon for her to write an e-mail to another jerk who had hurt her pride  but this one ... this one was different.  for  2  amazing  years of her life she had   been  putting  herself second.  She  was catering to  his every will , his every dream, even his every late night encounter. 

It could have been that the rose colored glasses fell  off  about 6 months ago but  the  facade of a healthy relationship stayed  almost persistant until this very moment. The moment she stopped believing and hit send.    Now  it was just a waiting game til she   boarded the next train out of town and out of his life forever, Or so she hoped.


The End

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