The League of Unicorns

A league of unicorns make battle with fantasy creatures called koloseraths


The League of Unicorns

What could be better than romance, excitement, adventure, and some comedy?


Laska Nebraska


The League of Unicorns

Chapter 1: Friends

“Marie? Marie! Marie?”

Tina wandered around the forest, searching for her daughter, Marie. The female unicorn ran from her homestead to find her. The poor fe­male unicorn yelled at her daughter millions of times not to go into the old farmstead because of baited fox traps. Time was run­ning out. Where is she? The unicorn thought. She tried Marie’s name once again. Nothing worked. She ventured further into the woods.


“Where in carnation are Tina and Marie?” Valor the toughest, mean­est, most army-experienced unicorn asked; he was old, but still had the voice of an army general renegade that thwarted millions of unicorns into obedience. Today the elderly unicorn was strangely nice. “Today are Tina and Marie’s birth­days.”

“I don’t know sir,” stuttered a shy unicorn named Bronze; second in command, he tried to have a strong temper in addition to his shyness. “I don’t have a clue.”

“The time calls for action. I want a full scan of the field. No one sleeps until the two come to enjoy their surprise party.”

All the unicorns said in unison, “Yes sir,” and searched the field.


Marie said, “I don’t need Mom. She just thinks I am a young un­icorn when I am a thirteen year old.”

Just then, a brown and white horse came out of the bushes and said, “You’re a strange looking horse.”

Marie was shocked at what the horse had said. “Oh I’m not a horse, I’m a unicorn.”

A shrill whinny came from the horse, “What are you doing?” Marie asked half-shocked and half-scared.  Just then, a man came out of the house with a gun.  “Oh no; this is bad.”  Marie tried to run but the brown horse grabbed her by her tail.  “Let me GO!  I want a free life,” Marie yelled, but he had a strong hold on Ma­rie’s tail.  The man came across the yard and pointed the gun straight at Marie.  She heard a small click­ing sound and Ma­rie looked and saw a purple-feathered spike.

That is when the truth sank in; she was going to fall asleep.  She felt scared and sleepy at the same time.  She fell down and her vision turned to black.


Tina found Marie’s trail a minute later.  A horse saw Tina and said, “Are you a unicorn; I saw a unicorn earlier and I think that you are a un­icorn.”

“Yes,” Tina replied, and, as soon as Tina had said this, the horse gave a shrill whinny, but this time a woman came out with a gun.  She held it two adult unicorn-lengths away.  She pulled the trigger and Tina heard a click­ing sound.  The unicorn jumped away just in time.  Crown held her tail and she heard another clicking sound.  Tina felt a sharp poke.  She looked and saw a pink-feathered spike.  “This is not good,” Tina said as the spike in­jected the white liquid.  Everything went black.


Marie’s head hurt a whole lot.  Just then, a younger unicorn dropped something on her feet.  It dissolved any chain that was on Marie.  “Thank you,” Marie said drowsily.  “Where am I?”

“You’re in the nursery,” the younger unicorn said.  “My name’s Tunna.”

“My name is Marie; why are we here, Tunna?”  Marie asked.  Tunna’s neck turned downward.  “I don’t know why we’re here.  My dream is to es­cape.”  He continued, “I want to see the most valiant, the boldest, and the bravest un­icorn:  Valor.”

“Valor’s my father.  His voice is tough…”

“How tough is his voice?”

“His voice is tough enough to thwart even the tiniest unicorn into ob­edience.”

“He sounds like a mean unicorn…”

“But sometimes—though rare—he can be kind.”

Tunna gave a whinny of excitement that made Marie jump.  “We might be able to escape if we just—”

“I’m going to meet Valor!  I’m going to meet Valor!”  Tunna cried while running around Marie.

“Quiet!  Now we might get out of here if we just work to­gether.  We need to think of an escape route.”

“I made a huge hole,” Tunna said.

“Did you really?  Where is the hole?”  Marie asked.

“You are laying on it,” Tunna said.  He walked over to one part of their stall, tapped four times on the straw, and said, “Going down.”

Tunna was right; in one instant Marie felt a huge plunge and she was falling.

“How did you dig this hole?”  Marie shouted.

“I dug with my old friend Mary-Anne before they took her away.  I covered it with straw.”

“Who was Mary-Anne, your girlfriend?”

“Yeah; she nursed me to health when I was ill, but when they took her away, she said, ‘Take care…’ and that was the end of it.”

“Well, you’ve got me.”

“I bet your mom’s there.  I heard her say when she woke up ‘Where’s Marie?’”

“She made me mad at her; she told me millions of times to stay away from the old farmstead because of baited fox traps when I knew about that fact.”

“She was worried.  But I think I understand you!”

“By the way, how deep is this hole and does it contain sharp-pointed rocks?”

“The hole’s about 29 feet deep, and this hole doesn’t have sharp-pointed rocks.”

“How do you know?”

“Mary-Anne was a psychic unicorn; she said when we dug this hole, ‘This hole is going to be about 29 feet deep, and this won’t have sharp-pointed rocks,’ and she was right.”

“Are we going to have a soft landing or an ‘OOFF!’ land­ing?”

“Mary-Anne said it would be a part ‘OOFF!’ part soft landing!  So just relax until we get to the landing of this hole.”

“This feels like a bottomless pit of a hole!”

“I believe we have fallen ten feet since we started; we have ni­neteen feet to go.”

“I’ve never fallen down a hole before, Tunna.  However, thanks to you, I know how it feels!  It’s a compliment.”

“You are so welcome, Marie.”

Wind whipped Marie and Tunna’s faces as they fell.  “It looks like we’re going to land soon.”

“It sure looks like it.  We are going to land together since we fell at the same time.  Just relax, Marie, as it will not hurt much.”

“I wish I had a parachute.”

“You are still in a laying down position.”

“I know that; I’m just a little scared by 10%.”

“There isn’t going to be a problem.  We are going to land in T-mi­nus thirty seconds.”

“Oh, okay.”  Marie showed a relaxed face, but then showed a scared face.  “Thirty seconds?”

Those thirty seconds did not waste its time.  Marie and Tunna hit the ground hard.  Marie’s vision went black.


In heaven Marie said, I could not leave Tunna.  He wants to see Va­lor. Please God!  Let me go back to Earth.

Moreover, as Marie requested, Marie returned to Earth.

“Wake up.  Marie, please wake up!”

Marie coughed and said, “It’s okay; I’m okay.”

“You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“No.  You helped us unicorns escape.”

Marie tried to stand but her left hind leg hurt and she fell down with a pained whinny.

“What is it?”  Tunna tried to get his friend up on her feet, but she fell down with yet another pained whinny.

“Oh, no; I don't believe it.  One of your legs is broken.  I’ll call for help!” he gave a shrill whinny, and he lay down with his new­found friend.  “I’m sorry for letting this happen!”

“It’s okay; mistakes happen.”

“TTTTTTUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAA!” another un­icorn yelled as she fell.

“Mary-Anne, is that you?”  Tunna said.

The unicorn brushed herself off, looked at Marie and said, “I know you and my friend fell into this hole.”

“Yes, and you must be Mary-Anne.”

“Yes, I am.  I want to escape too.”

Mary-Anne turned to Tunna and asked, “What seems to be the prob­lem.”

“Marie has a broken leg and it’s my fault.”

Mary-Anne looked at Marie and said, “I’ll come back, but first I need to get my first aid kit.”

Mary-Anne stretched her wings and she flew out of the hole.  About five hours later she came back with a first aid kit the size of a four-foot five-drawer chest.

“My X-ray machine will see if you have a fracture or not.  Just hold still for me.”

Mary-Anne looked at the X-rays two or three hours later.  “It’s a frac­ture of the fetlock and the cannon bone.”

Marie gasped.  “Will I have to be…?”

“No, you won’t be put down.  We’ll just sedate you and hang you in a sling…to keep that leg from moving too much.”

She brought out a gun.  “A paralyzing dart will keep you from mov­ing, and a seda­tive will put you to sleep.”

“When will you do…” were the only words that Marie spoke before Tunna shushed her.

Tunna said, “Mary-Anne is a great doctor.  So calm down before the paralyzing dart goes into you.”

Marie relaxed all her muscles.  “Ready?”  Mary-Anne asked.

“I believe I’m ready, Mary-Anne.”

“You might feel stiff.  It’s normal, believe me.”

Marie willed herself not to move while looking at her left hind leg.  She felt a small pinch on her back and she did not move.

Marie felt stiff, but not panicked.  She then heard a clicking noise and saw a purple spike on her leg.  She fell asleep imme­diately.

When she woke up seven days later, she saw that she was still in the hole, but she was in a cast.  “That was the longest sleep I’ve ever had!”  Ma­rie remarked.

“I thought you would not wake up.”

She saw Tunna nuzzling her left hind leg.  She flinched be­cause it stung.  Neverthe­less, it did not hurt as much.

“I see you have awoken.”  Mary-Anne had some roots in her mouth.  “These are grass roots; they’re really delectable.  Have some.”

“Thanks,” Marie said, stretching her neck to the tunnel wall and tak­ing a bite of grass roots.  Mary-Anne was right.  Once she had gotten past the dirt, the grass roots tasted like grass.

“How’s your leg?”  Tunna asked.

“It stings, but it’s healing,” Marie said.

“’Just a few more days on that thing and it’ll be healed,” Mary-Anne said.

“I will stay still,” Marie promised.

A few days went by quickly.  Marie was bored but she had company so she was not alone.  Mary-Anne and Tunna were kind and invited her for two-player Tic-Tack-Toe.  Mary-Anne won mostly nothing.  Tunna won some of the time, but Marie won the whole jackpot by having her compa­nions help her.

It soon was time to have the cast taken off Marie.  She stayed com­pletely still as Mary-Anne re­moved it.  “I was getting bored in there.  Can we go now?  In addition to that, how did you and Mary-Anne meet and become friends?”

“A long time ago, before you came here, Mary-Anne came here res­cued from an evil unicorn farm.  She was as thin as a lawn-mower cord, very dehydrated, and whipped to death.  Things were about to go down the drain when the rescuer rescued all the unicorns.  When and how did I come into this?  I was born at the nursery.  I saw her and she looked really out of it.  Silver coated her body, and I knew that that was unicorn’s blood.

“When the stable hands treated her wounds a few days later I saw that she was very confused on what to do and what to say.  In addition, the same feeling went on around dinner.  She was lost and con­fused.  Neverthe­less, as time rolled on, she became beautiful.  Sometimes she teased or nick­ered at the stable hands, but she was a teaser, we­ren’t you Mary-Anne?”

“Yes I was teasing my new owners.”  Marie laughed at this.

“One day I found her very depressed.  She was about to be in the same condition as it was when we first met.  I went over to her and she neighed miserably over me.  She said that no one had come to see her in a while, but I said, ‘Mary-Anne, I will say this, you have me to see…do not worry.’  And that is how Mary-Anne and I became friends.”

“You gave me a whole history lesson!”  Marie said, laughing.

“It is a great honor to have you two as friends:  Tunna and Marie.”

“It is an honor,” Tunna said.

“I agree, Tunna and Mary-Anne.”

“Now let’s get to the exit.  Mary-Anne and I made tunnels in here tele­pathically before you came here.”

Tunna lead the two unicorn mares to the exit.  A bright light shone in their eyes as they exited the tunnels.  As they exited the tunnels a feeling washed over Marie; a feeling that they might need to use these tunnels again.  Nevertheless, Marie disregarded that thought.

The greens, reds, blues, and browns were as comfortable as ever: red and blue flowers dotted the fields, the green grass covered the land, and brown trees with red flowers have waved in greeting.

When will we see my father?  Marie asked herself.

“We’re free!”  Tunna yelled jubilantly.

“I can see forever now!”  Mary-Anne said.

Marie shouted something silly and rubbed her back on the green grass.  It had been thirteen days since she had seen the forest and she was glad to see it.  “I’ve wanted to see the forest,” Tunna said.

“You did?”  Marie said.

“I did!  I have not seen the forest.  I have heard other unicorns talk of it.  ‘To the forest,’ they had said.  ‘We need to go there,’ they said.  It was…quite annoying really.”

“This is your first brush with the wild you guys.”

“I want you to teach me to fight, Marie,” Tunna said.

“Hold on, Tunna.  She will need to walk on it before she even thinks of fighting with it.”

“Why do you want to be taught to fight?”  Marie asked.

“Those three unicorns look like they want to fight.”

“I’m afraid those ‘unicorns’ are ‘koloseraths,’” Mary-Anne said.  “They’re shape-shif­ters.  Each koloserath have a different gender, and, judging by their appearance, they look to be male.  Marie, you and I have to get out of here without being seen.  If they see us, they will seduce us and will bite us.”

“And then what will happen to us?”

“In twenty-four hours’ time, we will turn into koloseraths our­selves.”

“Is there a cure for koloserath bites?”

“Yes, there is one cure:  grass roots.”

“Grass roots are the only cure?”


The three koloseraths looked down the hill and saw them.  One of them said some­thing that was not English, French, or Spanish and the two koloseraths went galloping down the sloped landscape.

“We need to go to Unicorn Universe.  It’s the only safe place that I can think of,” Marie said.

“Is Valor…?”  Tunna asked.

“Yes. He’s there.”

“Get on my back,” Mary-Anne said.

“Are you crazy…?”Marie asked.

 “Just trust me!” Mary-Anne said in a yelling tone.


“Get on, NOW!”

Marie was confused but she and Tunna got on Mary-Anne’s back.

“Are you suited to hold two passengers?”

“I’ve done over two hundred passengers since my medical training. I even carried fifteen passen­gers on my back at the same time once.”

Mary-Anne stretched her wings and flew over the kolose­raths’ heads.

“Tell me where to go, Marie,” Mary-Anne said.

“I see the nursery, so we need to go left.” Mary-Anne moved to the left. Marie then said, “Stay in that direction until you see some yellow and green. Those are the fields of Unicorn Universe.”

“I see the fields right now. Is that Unicorn Universe?” Mary-Anne asked.

“No. That is the Man and Woman’s farm. Keep going un­til you see white, pink, and yellow un­icorns.”

Mary-Anne flew and flew until they reached the edge of the forest. Mary-Anne landed at that part. “I need my energy for to­morrow. I think we lost the koloseraths.” Mary-Anne panted for a few mi­nutes, and then said, “Let’s rest here.”

“Yeah, let’s rest.”


There was a nip in the air when Marie woke up the next morning. “Mary-Anne, I believe we could walk the rest of the way,” Tunna said.

“No! I think the koloseraths will catch up with us. No! We will fly to Unicorn Universe!”

Marie was on Mary-Anne’s back before the sun rose. Mary-Anne was in a strange mood that day.

“I see yellow, pink, and white moving ants…are they unicorns or ko­loseraths?”

“It’s Unicorn Universe! We are here! We’re finally here!” Marie cried tears of joy be­cause she would see her father.

“In that case, I’m going to land right now,” Mary-Anne, said with joy and antic­i­pation.

Joy rippled through all three unicorns as they landed.

“Look up; in the sky!” Aurasol a yellow unicorn shouted.

“It’s Marie, and two other unicorns with her,” Crasacane a pink un­icorn cried.

“We are here. Hello Crasacane and Aurasol,” Marie said.

“Hi Marie,” Crasacane said.

“Welcome home,” cried Aurasol’s voice, filled with excite­ment.

“We need to see Valor, it’s important,” Marie said.

“Why do you…?” Crasacane asked.

“Just do it!” Marie said. “I don’t have time for this.”

“Okay, okay,” Crasacane said.


“Valor,” Crasacane asked.

“Did you find Marie and Tina?” Valor asked.

“Marie is back, and she wants to talk to you!”

“Send her in please,” Valor said.

“Daddy, um…we ran into a little trouble. Some koloseraths attacked us last night!” Marie said.

Valor stiffened. “No one got hurt. But we are worried that they might attack our universe,” Tunna said.

“Koloseraths are dangerous! Did you get bitten?”

“No, Daddy,” Marie said.

 Chapter 2: The Flight to the Tunnels


“I see that you have a friend.”

“Two of them, actually:  Mary-Anne the Uni-pegasus and Tunna.”

“How did you meet them?”

“I met Tunna in a ‘nursery’ and I met Mary-Anne when I had a bro­ken leg.”

“Left hind leg, you fractured?”


“I see. How was your adventure?”

“Pretty good—I fell down a hole, saw three koloseraths, had a broken leg, and was in a ‘nur­sery.’”

“Wow that was a huge adventure in a nutshell wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was.”

“I know how your mom gets but you and Mary-Anne need to find her and get her back to Un­icorn Universe!”

“I think I know where she is…”


 “And you and I need to get my mother before the koloseraths turn her into one of their own.”

“Back to the nursery where I was nursed back to health; are you crazy?”

“No, we got to do it. I’m serious!”

Mary-Anne pondered on this; even though she liked the nur­sery, she wanted to es­cape to the wild. Now she was going back to the nur­sery. “It is crazy, but I think we could work it out.”

“Let’s fly!”

Mary-Anne stretched her wings and said, “Climb on! In addition, hold on to me. This is going to be a crazy ride!”

Marie climbed onto Mary-Anne’s back. Tunna said, “I’ll stay here…”

“Oh, no; you come with us.”


“COME ON!” Mary-Anne yelled.

Tunna jumped on Mary-Anne’s back, albeit reluctantly, and Mary-Anne was off.

It was not a hard journey nor was it a long journey. They flew to the right and up above the ko­loseraths were gaining onto where Tina was liv­ing.

“We must hurry. If we hang around like this, we might be too late,” Marie said.

They landed at lightning-like speed. Marie, whose legs were shaking when they landed, went inside with Tunna and Mary-Anne. “Mom; Mommy, where are you?”

“Over here Marie,” Tina said.

“Quick! We need to get you out of here. The koloseraths are com­ing to get you and hold you for ransom. We need to hurry!” Marie said.

“Koloseraths are…”

“WE KNOW!” Marie, Tunna, and Mary-Anne said together in urgent voices.

It took seven and ½ minutes to get Tina freed. Tina climbed onto Mary-Anne’s back along with Marie and Tunna. They flew to the left di­rec­tion and Marie said, “I hope that we will be safe at Unicorn Universe. I’m scared!”

“Marie, look at me baby. I know that you are scared but you are braver than that! Are you scared of becoming one of their own? Butter-bis­cuit, you know I will never let them do that!”

“Thanks Mommy!”

“I believe that’s the forest,” Mary-Anne said.

Tina looked down. “Yep, that’s the forest. Across from that is Unicorn Un­iverse.”

“Hold on then! I am going land in Unicorn Universe.”

Tina held on as long as she must. They landed safely in Un­icorn Un­iverse.

“Hello Tina,” Crasacane said.

“Hello Marie,” Aurasol said.

“Hello Cras and Aurasol,” Marie and Tina said.

“’Glad you are back home safely!” Crasacane’s friend Shira said.

“We are glad to come back home alive!” Marie said with ur­gency in her voice.

“What do you mean?” Shira said.

“We have a koloserath problem,” Tina said, trying to sound cheerful.


“No time for ‘who’s done it’ now, this is serious,” Marie said.

 “And plus it isn’t anybody’s fault,” Tina said.

“They are going to attack us, and all we can do is see if the shields covering Unicorn Universe work,” Marie said.

“Uh…Marie,” Mary-Anne said.

“What is it?” Marie demanded.

The uni-pegasus pointed one of her hooves to the forest. In the forest a koloserath looking like a unicorn shown in the trees with a bat­tle-axe, ready to fire at anyone that agitated it.

“Let’s get out of here. Mary-Anne you brace yourself for three hun­dred unicorns,” Marie said.

“Where are we going?” Tunna asked.

“To the tunnels, you silly goose; now hurry up!” Marie said.

“What about Valor?” Tunna asked.

“He’ll come. I know he will.”


 “Come Valor, the koloseraths are moving into our territory. We are going by uni-pe­gasus to the tunnels,” Bronze nickered.

“Bronze, will you be alright if I went on your back?” Valor asked. “My legs are tired from pac­ing.”

“Sir, yes, sir,” Bronze said, stuttering.

Valor climbed onto Bronze’s back and they went to Mary-Anne. Mary-Anne had two hundred nine­ty nine unicorns on her back, but she did not seem to mind it.

Bronze carried Valor to the top of the hill of unicorns. Along the way, the unicorns said “OOFF, Ouch, Ow,” in dif­ferent orders.

“I think this will be a crazy ride. Hold on in any way you can,” Mary-Anne said.

Mary-Anne took off, albeit slowly, and they flew to the tun­nels.


After a few hours in the air, Mary-Anne’s strength started to give out. She started to fly lower and lower to the ground.

“What’s going on?” Tunna asked.

“I…can’t hold on much longer!” Mary-Anne said.

“Yes you CAN! I know you will hold on. Just use the ‘I CAN’ atti­tude!” Marie said.

“The AMERICAN attitude,” Mary-Anne asked, “I’m risking my life here!”

“Just trust me okay? We WILL make it, as long as you use the ‘I CAN’ attitude!”

Mary-Anne’s strength renewed after Marie’s encouraging attitude. In one instant, she flew faster and faster to the tunnels.

“I am going to land,” Mary-Anne said.

“Go for it. Are we at the tunnels?”

”Yes we are!”

Mary-Anne went lower to the ground. She landed with a THUMP.

“Everybody off,” Mary-Anne said wheezing.

Valor came off first with Bronze at his heels. Then Marie, Tina, Shira, Crasacane, Aurasol, and all others came off Mary-Anne’s back.

“I wonder when the battle will be over. It has been two to three days,” Tunna said.

“I know that!” Marie said, her heart pounding so hard that she could feel it.

“How long will it take?”  Burnan asked.

“I don’t know!” Marie looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown.

“Leave my daughter alone!” Tina said. “You are distressing her more by asking her too many questions!”

Marie did not know what to do; her heart was set to self-de­struct mode and her stomach was doing the Cha-Cha slide.

Tunna said, “Well we must get ready in here while we can. If the koloseraths at­tack—”

“I had a strange feeling we would be back here in the tunnels, but I disregarded that thought,” Marie said with her heart in full scared beat­ings.

“You had a strange feeling! Why did you not tell us this?” Tunna said.

“I disregarded it, and I was not going to let one small feeling get in the way of the journey to Un­icorn Universe!” Marie said one part of her mane fluttering in the breeze.

Tunna was not impressed, “If you have a ‘strange feeling’ you can tell me or Mary-Anne, do not disregard those little strange feelings.”

“Okay, Lover-Boy, break it up,” Mary-Anne said.

“Good Jove, man, would you look over here,” Tina said in her best British accent she could man­age.

All of the unicorns came over to Tina at the tunnel entrance. “Oh, my God; don’t tell me that the koloseraths found us,” Marie said seeing what her mother was seeing.

A unicorn limped heavily as he hobbled forward toward the two un­icorns. He felt lost in the forest. When he finally came to the unicorns, he promptly fainted, provoking a lot of gasps and “Oh’s” in the crowd.

“Do you think that he is a koloserath,” said one.

“He smells like an outside unicorn,” murmured another.

“Is he going to be alright,” Marie whispered.

The unicorn lay there all night.

The next morning the unicorn woke up, “This—what?” stammered the unicorn.

“Oh, good; you’re awake. I was looking after you until you woke up,” Marie said in a calm voice.

“No the koloseraths, they have bitten me! In addition to that, I’ll become a kolose­rath!” Marie stared at him suspiciously. “It’s true, I’m telling you! They have bitten me hard to make me a koloserath!”

“Where did they bite you?”

“They bit me on my leg! I tried to run and tried to hide from them, but it was no use. A kolo­serath looking like a werewolf bit me, and now I am trying to live with whatever life I have left!” He broke down crying. “It is so hard, SO HARD to go live the life of a kolose­rath. I learned from a fellow along the way that koloseraths have a grading system—A-D he said. If we hit the D level, we have to go live the regular life of a mythical creature. I am scared girl!”

“How did you know I was a girl?”

“You have pink hooves!”

“Right, now that this fact is thrown out the window, I think you need to take a chill pill and chomp down on some grass roots. They are the only treatment known by uni-pe­gasus that can cure you.” Marie gathered some grass roots and set them down next to the stranger’s hooves. “Moreover they are quite delectable.”

“I will express gratitude to you for this.” The unicorn ate the grass roots with a tad hesitation. “By the way, what is your name?”

“My name is Jayson.”

“That’s a cool name! I like it!”

“Marie,” Valor’s voice made Marie jump in surprise, “How is our patient?”

 “He is fine Dad. He said that he was about to turn into a kolose­rath, but I gave him some grass roots to cure him of the poison. I hope the roots work.”

“I’m so…proud of you, my daughter.”

“Why thank you Daddy.”     

“Whoa…” Jayson made some gagging noises. They were not the normal types of gagging noises, but they were the I-am-going-to-turn-into-a-koloserath gagging noises.

A strange thing brushed against Marie’s fur; it was not fur, but it felt sleek. Marie turned around to see a twelve-footed two-eyed pink and purple spider-like creature.

Marie was about to scream, when the spider creature put one of its twelve legs in her mouth. “Peace, little one. I’m a part of your side.”

The spider creature went to Jayson and sprayed some salt onto him. Jayson panted and then his head fell down. “What are you going to do?” Marie asked.

“I’ll cure him.” The spider-like creature’s voice sounded like a girl.

“What is your name?” Valor asked.

“Agnola is my name! It means ‘Angel.’”

“What kind of creature are you?” Marie asked.

“I am a stonesettia. We stonesettias can cure anyone that has been turned into kolo­seraths into their original birth mythical creature,” Agnola said.

Marie and Valor looked at her as if she had said something that came out of quantum physics.

Agnola then bit down on Jayson’s neck. Jayson smiled as if in excitement, and then relaxed to a sleeping position.

When he woke up a few hours later, he blinked drowsily and said, “Thank you Ag­nola. I was afraid of becoming a koloserath!”

Agnola bowed her head so low that her head reached the ground. “It was my plea­sure,” she said.

“Now we need to train here until we are ready to fight the Kolose­rath Colony.” Tunna said it as if he were the Leader of Unicorn Universe.

“Who’s leader of Unicorn Universe?”  Tina said.

“That’s quite alright, Tina, my life is nearing its end,” Valor said.

“NO!  It is so unfair!”  Tunna said.  “I see you for only two-three days and you decide to—give yourself up to heaven!”

“You are a great leader,” Marie said, “Daddy!”

“Great Heavens take me to you and pass my leadership to the CHOSEN ONE!”  Valor chanted.

A flash of white light came from Valor’s horn.  Marie ran toward her father, “No Daddy wait!” but it was too late.  He was gone.

Chapter 3:  Life Rolls On

Everyone was in shock and tears because of Valor’s death.  Marie took it hard; she wanted to stop Valor’s death.

“Look Marie, it was not your fault.  If it were up to us, we would have gone to Hea­ven with him,” Tina said.

“I should have galloped faster.  I should have…”  Marie said to the air while she was pacing.

Tina looked at her herd with worry.  Marie was taking it excessively hard.  Mary-Anne decided to take matters into her own hooves by giving Marie a midnight flight through the sky.  Mary-Anne had Marie climb on her back.

Marie was in full crying mode by the time Mary-Anne was in the air.  “I wanted him to live, and then he dies?  Life is so cruel!”

“Honey,” Mary-Anne, said, “Death happens.  I know this.  My mom died after I was born, and my dad died the day when the rescuer rescued all of the unicorns.  The res­cuer said to me, ‘He isn’t going to make it,’ and I followed the rescuer without my dad.  I gave a neigh to him and he gave a neigh back to me.  You see my dad was probably the same age your dad was when he died.”

“I wish he was here with me, and mom, and the Unicorn Universe unicorns.”

“But he is with you…in your heart!”

“Will he stay in my heart?”  Marie asked.

“Well, normally…yeah.”

“Thank goodness.”  Marie made a slight hiccup.  “Excuse me.”

“You’re excused,” Mary-Anne said.

“Thank you,” Marie said.

“You’re welcome,” Mary-Anne said.

Three hours later, Marie was sound asleep.  “I think it’s time to go back to the tun­nels.”  Mary-Anne said quietly, and she flew gently to the tunnels.

When Mary-Anne landed on the soft grass, she said, “Be as quiet as you can; Marie is asleep,” to the other unicorns.

The other unicorns decided to rest for the night.  Mary-Anne de­cided it was best to let Marie sleep on her back since moving her pas­senger was sounding like a wake-up call to Marie.

After lying down on the damp tunnel floor, Mary-Anne looked up and said, “You left too soon, Valor; your daughter needs your guidance.”

The wind in the tunnels bristled through both her and Marie’s manes as Mary-Anne settled herself to sleep.


“How is Marie?”  Malaca, Marie’s friend, asked Mary-Anne the next morning.

“She is taking it hard, but…not as hard as last night,” Mary-Anne said.

Marie was sulking and it looked to be bad, but not too bad.

Malaca walked over to Marie.  “Please, Malaca, I don’t feel like talking or playing with you,” Marie said sulkily.

“I just want to sit down to keep you company,” Malaca said.

“Okay, but don’t…”  Marie said.

“I know what you are about to say all right?”

“All right,” Marie said, pawing the ground as if she wanted to get out of one old place and into another.

The two girl unicorns sat there.  “Hey Marie, I know your favorite joke,” sing-sang Malaca.

“You…do?”  Marie asked.

“You might be a redneck…”  Malaca said.

“…if you think that a mailbox post is some kind of beehive!”  Marie joined in, and the two girl unicorns laughed.

“It has been a while since you have heard that joke.  Maybe you just had forgotten it.”

“That might be the case.”

“I think we need to have a good-old-fashioned run in the meadow outside of the tunnels…like what we did in the old days, but better!”

“That sounds like a great idea, but we must watch out for male ko­loseraths. They will try to turn us into one of their own.”

“Come on.  Stop being a stick-in-the-mud and have some fun, Worrywart!”

“Okay, Nickname Giver, I will.”

Moreover, the two unicorns romped and played in the meadow.  Marie reared and kicked and Malaca ran and played.  When the day turned into its hottest, the two went into the tunnels.  “Well ladies, did you have fun,” Mary-Anne asked.

Malaca, who was in front of Marie, said with a smile, “Yes we did have fun.”

“That is good,” Mary-Anne said.  “I wonder, though, if you saw any koloseraths.”

“We didn’t see any koloseraths while we played in the meadow,” Marie said.

“If only…”  Malaca said.

“N-tut-tut,” Mary-Anne said in a gibbering voice.

“Okay, then, I won’t say it,” Malaca said in an annoying tone.

Nevertheless, Marie said nothing.  She was in such a good mood than the night be­fore.  She felt like a young unicorn again.  Just then, a voice broke the silence, “I FEEL GOOD!  I knew that I could now!  I FEEL GOOD!  I FEEL SO GOOD, SO GOOD, THAT I’’VE GOT YOU!”

It was Jayson.  He was doing a James Brown song called “I FEEL GOOD.”  The three unicorns ran over to see him dancing with a female unicorn.  Jayson was doing this because he was acting like an idiot.  Marie reared at him for no good reason.  “Aren’t you two going to do training with the other unicorns, Jayson and Sassi?”  She asked.

“We need—” Jayson said.


The two went to training, saying, “Geez, since when did she become leader,” and, “Who died and made her leader.”

Mary-Anne and Malaca looked at her, amused and afraid, and stood there with their knees trembling.

“HMPH; If I catch them out of line again, I’ll bury their hooves to the tunnel floor,” Marie grumbled.

“Where did that come from?”  Mary-Anne said.

“I don’t know, I think it just came to me!”

“Maybe it’s because you are the ‘CHOSEN ONE’ that your dad said.”

“No I don’t think that is the case.”  Marie bent her head down to get a few burrs off her legs.

“But what if it is?”  Mary-Anne nickered.

“What are you on about?”  Marie shook her mane.

“I heard Valor say, ‘…and pass my leadership to the CHOSEN ONE,’ so what if you are the ‘CHOSEN ONE?’”  Mary-Anne trotted on the tunnel floor.

“You have a point there.  Let’s see what Thomas James, the inter­preter, has to say,” Marie said.

“We have to be careful on him, in case he…”

However, Marie was not listening.  She ran over to Thomas James.  “Oh, Great Tho­mas James, my mind has wandered and all I have to ask is…”

“‘Am I the CHOSEN ONE?’”  Thomas James predicted.  “Oh no; you are not.”

“If I’m not the ‘CHOSEN ONE’ then who is the CHOSEN ONE?” Marie trotted on the floor nervously.

Thomas James walked over to see the sun and he stood there as if he were having a conversation with the sun.  After a while, he walked away. “I talked to the sun and I have seen that…”


 “I’m the leader,” Tunna cried in shock and in excitement.

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it,” Marie asked him.

“I’d seen this before…in a dream.  You were there and I was there, and you said that I’m the leader of Unicorn Colony—that was before the Universe thing.”

“For a few minutes, I thought that I was the leader, but Thomas James told me dif­ferent.”

“I feel like this is a dream.”

“Bite yourself!  You’ll awaken immediately,” Marie said sarcastically.

“You amuse me with your sarcasm.”

“You are such a bad boy,” Marie said, yet again, sarcastically.

“I LOVE YOU!”  Tunna shouted.  Marie gasped, but Tunna stayed strong, “I love you to the very ends of this tunnel…”

“You LOVE me?  Is this what I hear?”  Marie asked in a gasping whisper.  Marie, after hearing those words, felt light-headed and light-legged, and then fainted.

Chapter 4:  The Nightmare that Led to Screams

“Marie, wake up mu boindei,” Tunna said.  “Marie, wake up.”

Marie groaned and said, “Where-Where am I?”

“’Still in the tunnels,” Tunna said.

“What happened?  I—” Marie asked.

“You fainted.  I just proclaimed my love for you and you fainted.”

“Oh, my,” Marie said, “You didn’t just say that you love me…did you?”

“Yes.  I just said, ‘I love you.’  Is there a problem?”

“No.  NO there is not a problem.  I just feel…”

“You are turned on aren’t you, in an uncomfortable way?”

“Yeah, I’m a little uncomfortable.”

“Well that’s okay.  I’m a koloserath.”

The truth hit Marie like a cold thrown stone “NOOOOOOO; IT COULD NOT BE!”

“Oh come on! Do not be afraid. Being a koloserath isn’t all that bad,” said the fake-Tunna as he came closer and closer towards Marie.

Marie tried to scramble away, but the fake-Tunna advanced onto her. “This is only a nightmare. This is not happening. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!”

“Oh, but it is, my princess,” Said the fake with a chuckle. “Oh, it is.”

“Get away, you crazy koloserath,” Marie shouted with valor.

“Oh, I’m scared to death,” Fake-Tunna said dryly.

“I’m going to call Agnola!”

“Oh, but she isn’t here. It’s just you and me, Princess.”

He was too close to her. “GET AWAY!” Marie said and kicked the fake in the cheek.

“What a brave little girl,” The fake said.

Marie was up on her feet and she was running before the fake-Tunna could say “What a savage little beast.”

“Mommy, Daddy, Mary-Anne, and Malaca, anyone…oh I forgot,” Marie said. Moreover, she screamed. Just then, she saw the exit to the tunnels, “Yes a way out! Good-bye fake-Tunna, HELLO FREEDOM; I am going to be freed from this awful nightmare.”

However, as soon as she got to the exit an earthquake made the exit cave into itself. Marie stamped the ground in frustration with her right front hoof and yelled, “NOOOOO; I WAS THIS CLOSE! Why do I have the feeling that I will not escape?”

“Because I started the earthquake…,” said a familiar voice from the tunnels.

“Oh no, he’s coming, and I may be the dinner on his plate,” Marie said. “I better hide underneath the dirt pile that caused the exit to be­come blocked. Hey, that seems to be a grand opportunity to escape.”

Marie dug and dug until the dirt completely covered her body, but not her mouth or nose.

“Where are you, Marie,” the fake-Tunna’s voice sounded like ice crackling in a glass bottle of water. Every time he moved, Marie felt it.

Go away, go away, and go away, thought Marie underneath the dirt.

“Oh, this will be fun…a game of hide and seek,” the fake said. “Come out, come out wherever you are!”

As long as he does not find me, I am able to escape, Marie thought to herself. She felt the fake come closer to where she was hiding, but then she felt him go to another passa­geway.

Wait, Marie, maybe this is a trap to wait until you unbury yourself. He is waiting to make you one of their own. Marie thought.

“I need to escape,” Marie said.

“Olli, Olli OXEN FREE,” Shouted the fake in the tunnels.

It is now or never, you better GET GOING! Marie said.

“You are better at this than I am,” he said.

Marie dug her body free to the exit of the tunnels and jumped with joy. Let us hope, from the nightmare, I am free for good.

She looked around cautiously. Up on a hill, she saw the fake, looking around with an arrow through his side. “I better be careful not to be seen!” Marie said quietly.

Marie walked quietly to the left in the soft grass, careful not to make a sound, until she stepped on a twig. Luckily it did not snap. Marie breathed a sigh of relief, but it was a callous mistake. The false-Tunna saw her, and he was galloping down the hill. Marie had no choice, but to run. An over-the-shoulder glance showed that he was behind her. Marie found a huge oak tree, and behind the tree…was an opening under it. That gives me a perfect idea. Marie thought. She ran all the way behind the tree, and hid. Tunna ran all the way past her. “What an idiot he is!” Marie said.

“Oh, really,” a familiar voice made Marie jump in fright. Tunna had found her, with his fangs bared. “NOW BECOME ONE OF THE KOLOSERATHS.” Moreover, he bit down on Marie’s neck.


“Marie, wake up mu boindei!” The real Tunna said.

Marie groaned, woke up, looked at Tunna, and screamed.

“Marie! Calm down.” However, Marie would not listen. She kicked Tunna on his chest and said, “Stay away from me, you KOLOSERATH!”

“What are you talking about? I’m not a koloserath!”

“B-But, but, you were a koloserath and you and I were all alone.”

“It must have been a huge nightmare.”

“I must have dreamed it.”

Just then, Tina came in, saying, “Marie, are you all right?”

“Yeah, a little nightmare happened, but I’d rather NOT talk about it.”

“A nightmare you say—”


“All right, gee, what’s gotten into your diary?” Tina asked.

“I just don’t want to talk about it okay?” Marie said.

“Okay,” Tina said, and she walked off to do more training.

After Tina walked off, Tunna said, “You need to learn to control your emotions. If you let that happen during battle, the koloseraths will kill you like no tomorrow.”

“I better be careful about my emotions.”

“You’d better be; otherwise you would be dead for sure.”

“We need to train. Or else we will be koloserath chow before we know it,” Marie said to Tunna.

“That’s right.”

“Only…I’ll train with Malaca, and you train with Burnan’s sister Swartsweet.”

Tunna felt a bit uncomfortable. “We’ll be fine. Swartsweet is lacking muscular strength because of her disability. She has ‘Poor Muscle Strength’ syndrome.”

“Okay, my love.”

Marie went to find Malaca, who was teaching young unicorn foals to fight in case the koloseraths tried to come in and turn them into kolose­rets.

“Hey Malaca,” Marie said.

“Hi Marie,” Malaca said.

“I was wondering…if we could…”

“…train together? Oh, I am sorry I could not do that. I have to train these unicorn foals in case the koloseraths invaded the Nursery Tunnel.”

“Nursery Tunnel…oh we went and gotten organized didn’t we?”

“Yes, I heard that you passed out and had a nightmare, and then kicked Tunna in the chest. Why did you do that to him?”

“In my nightmare, we were in the tunnels. In addition, he was there, but he was a koloserath and that he turned me into one of their own. Do you believe in nightmares like that?”

“If that happened, then I would be scared to death.”

“I hope that it won’t come true. I truly hope that it won’t.”

“If it did, then I’d try to defeat him with kung-fu.”

“You would?”

“Yes I would and I would finish off with…” Malaca then kicked and did a kung-fu noise, which gave the foals interest. “…and that’d be it! No koloserath turns my friend into a koloserath in her dreams and gets away with it.”

“I’ll train with you later. See you…” Marie said.

“See you girl. Now then…” Malaca said and continued the foals’ training.

“Who else could I train with before Malaca? There is Minitru, and she is usually shy when it comes to being friends with her.”

Marie walked to Minitru and said, “Hi Minitru.”

“Hi,” Minitru said shyly.

“How about you train with me,” Marie said.


Chapter 5: Battle…and Romance in Heart

Moreover, Minitru and Marie trained until dusk. Just then, a siren sounded throughout the tunnels. “Attention, attention, the koloseraths found us and now we need to get all who are old enough to fight come and join formation with the others. We have no other choice, now let’s go, go, and GO!” A unicorn named Ashandra said.

Marie said, “That’s our cue, Minitru!”

“Marie, I’m scared.” Minitru broke down into tears.

“Okay, then, defend the Nursery Tunnels. If we want more adult unicorns in this herd, then we need to defend them with our lives.”

“Okay. I hope that Simba will be okay.”

“Agreed, and I hope that Akayas will be okay, too. Bidka will be waiting for me in the Entrance Tunnel, while Malaca and Aneraida will be waiting for you in the Nursery Tunnels. Now go, I’m taking to the en­trance.”

“Where would we be without you?”

Marie smiled, even though she knew it was not the right moment, and said, “I would probably be either a koloserath or I would be in heaven with Daddy.”

“Let us hope that we ALL come out of it alive!” Minitru said with a tear in her right eye.

Siegfried, a unicorn with blindness, said to Marie, “Bidka needs you in formation, now!”

Marie turned around and said, “I’ll be right there, just let me say a ‘final word’ to Minitru.”

“Okay, but be quick about it, Marie,” Siegfried said. “Tunna needs to send a ‘final word’ to you too.”

“Okay.” Marie turned to Minitru, and said, “Good luck. I feel that we both need it.”

“Good luck to you too.”


Marie galloped to Tunna and nearly ran into him. “OOFF!” said the two and they laughed as if they just heard a joke. “Now this is what I call a crash-landing,” Marie’s pure-white fur shined in the moon­light.

Tunna’s pure-white fur shined with laughter. “More like a crash between a zebra and a lion.”

“That was pretty funny. I heard from Siegfried that you have something to tell me.”

“Marie, I hope that, no matter what happens, we would always be together!”

“I hope for that too.”

“Good luck! May the better side win, no matter what?”

“Let’s go to battle, and hope for the best. God, I wish that Daddy was here to see me battle.”

“Remember that there are holes in the floor of heaven, and that he is watching over you.”

“We might not see the light of day…”

“Marie, the battle; we need to go there.”

“Okay. Where should I go?”

“I have that arranged. You will be in back with me. It’ll be as if they are protecting the prince and the princess of another world,” Tunna said.

“That is a good idea, but what about the exit?”

“We have covered the exit with huge rocks, dirt, twigs, and mud.”

“That will hold, I hope.”

“I sure hope so. We spent all morning putting all of that there.”

The two went to the back of the army. It turned out that Mary-Anne, Tina, Tunna, and Marie were in the very back of the army and well protected with the unicorns protecting Marie, Tunna, Mary-Anne, and Tina.

“It will be a long and hard battle. I want you to protect the quartet that made it through good times and bad,” Saofi said to the guards that were going to protect the three unicorns and the uni-pegasus. Marie looked nervously at the guards surrounding her, her mom, and friends. Marie felt that she was in a tight four-walled detention room with her friends and mother. “I’m the leader and what I say means to protect the ones that I grew to love,” Tunna said to Marie. “And you are my girlfriend…I don’t want to lose you.”

“Gee, Tunna, that’s really sweet.”

“Thank you, my love.”

“Hey, Romeo, I hate to break it to you, but we are in a battle here!” Mary-Anne said in an urgent voice.

“We are trying to get in a romantic scene in, Love-Hater, but you sometimes interrupt some of them.”

“Okay, first of all, I don’t hate love. Second, we are in a battle!”

“Quit arguing,” Berada, a yellow unicorn said. “We will somehow come out of this alive. But if you keep arguing on love, we will never live.”

“If Lover-boy here wasn’t with his—” Mary-Anne said.

“I’m going to put Tina in between you and Tunna, Mary-Anne.” Tina squeezed through and made it to separate the arguing unicorns.

“That’s better. LET’s GO!” Berada said.


Marie was excited about going to battle, but scared as her night­mare stayed fresh in her mind. If a koloserath bit her, could she save herself in time before the clock clicked to zero? Would there be any hope?

Those questions stayed fresh in Marie’s mind as the formation moved forward. It felt like a slave chain, with Marie, Tunna, Tina, and Mary-Anne at the end of the line.

Marie felt her stomach churning inside her, her trachea burning and her head pounding. It felt like as if she was sick.

“Marie, are you okay,” Tunna asked in concern.

“Yeah, I feel uncomfortable about this. It feels like we are being led away from our home.”

“It does feel weird, but we will come out victorious, right Mary-Anne?”

“We will lose approximately seven unicorns—four of them elders, and two or three of them adults—but yes we will be victorious,” Mary-Anne said.

“Seven of them, you say, who are they?” Tina asked.

“Berada is one, Cacada, Asta, Aurelia, Aviva, Ayla, and Shinaka are the rest,” Mary-Anne said.

“Well thanks a lot,” Berada said. “Me being the one being killed, this is me you are referring to.”

“The number of the koloserath colony is about 300 to 302,” Mary-Anne said.

“The 302 part, are we that 302?” Marie asked.

“Yes we are that 302,” Mary-Anne said.

“Is anyone—” Marie swallowed the lump in her throat, “—going to be bitten?”

The next answer confirmed Marie’s fears. “Yes, you, but you will be bitten by Agnola before the first hour.”

“We better keep you in the very back,” Tunna said.

“But we are in the very back!” Marie said.

“That is even better.”

“What formation are we in?” Marie asked as she tried to bite an itchy spot.

“We are in the shape of phoenix and we are at the tail end.” Tunna said as he tried to keep his pure-white fur as straight as possible.

“I love you too,” Marie said. “I forgot to say this because I fainted, but I love you, too.”

“But you kicked me!” Tunna accused.

“That was because of my nightmare. I am sorry for that.” Marie blushed in sorrow.

“I forgive you.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

The phoenix-like formation moved forward with every hoof move­ment the unicorns made and they went forward to the battle.


The battle was nothing you have ever seen.  Everybody kicked and reared at the three-hundred-strong koloseraths with enough force that would knock down a building.  Asta an elder lost her life due to a heart attack, Aurelia an elder lost her life due to a poisoned arrow, Cacada—elder—died of a heat stroke (The temperature gone down only one de­gree of 103°), and Shinaka—elder—died of sudden death.

“We need to defend the quartet that made it through good times and bad,” Aviva—adult—shouted.  “I’ll go and try to defeat one of those baddies.”

Ayla—an elder—said, “I’ll try to defeat three of those bad guys.”

“You’re bluffing.”

“Try me, I am just as bad as I once was,” Ayla said in a renewed-strength voice.  Moreover, she started break dancing onto the battlefield as if she had a plan in mind.

Three groans and moans each went by…and then Ayla came hob­bling into the tunnels panting, “I gave it my best shot, and I got nine ko­loseraths down for the count. You go on without me.”  Ayla went into a crook in the tunnels, went to sleep, and her final breaths told the herd that she was dying.  “She had a good life,” Marie said in sorrow.

“Was she your grandmother?”  Tunna asked when the tail started to move.

“Yes, she was my grandmother, but she wanted to die when she started showing signs of old age.”

Aviva shrugged and started break dancing on the tunnel floor and into the battlefield.  Thirty moans and groans later, she came back with silver blood flowing down her body.  “The koloseraths were too strong, but I took out sixty of them for you, and I want to go to heaven.” Aviva took a deep breath and chanted, “OH GREAT HEAVENS, TAKE ME TO YOU AND MY LIFE WILL BE AT ITS END!”

No flashing lights happened this time, but a kind of UFO light beamed at her. A few moments later, she levitated to Heaven.

“She was my cousin,” Marie said miserably.

“You have a whole lot of family, don’t you?” Tunna asked.


Sasparalla—an adult—said, “I’ll take 100 of those demons out for you.”

“That is my crazy aunt,” Marie said to Tunna.

“Why is she crazy?”

“You don’t want to know!”

“Okay you Mad X-COWS, I am going to kill you with a special weapon,” Sasparalla yelled, as that was her battle cry.

“Eh…?” The koloseraths said in confusion.


“She ate a whole peppermint plant when she was young!” Marie whispered to Tunna and Mary-Anne. “Peppermint, she didn’t know, was her hyper drug! She went nuts after that!”

“Why did she do that?” Tunna cocked his head to the side.

“Because she wanted to know what it tastes like,” Marie blinked.

Fifty groans, moans and yells later and the army of koloseraths looked like someone revealed their underpants. Sasparalla kept yelling phrases that would keep comedy at bay for weeks on end, like, “LADIES SOMETIMES HAVE BAD LEG DAYS LIKE TODAY, LADIES!” or, “MOPS WILL VIE FOR TRUTH YOU DEAD-HEADS!”

“Does your aunt have an off switch?” Tunna said.

“No she doesn’t.”


“Man,” mumbled one koloserath under his breath, “This unicorn’s flipped her lid hasn’t she?”


Tunna was impressed. “Wherever the plant was, she is doing a good job!”

“Well, now, what is going on?” Tina asked, not paying attention.

“Crazy Aunt Sasparalla is taking care of the koloseraths.”

“She is doing what now?”

“She is taking care of the koloseraths!”

“If she saying crazy words, then this battle’s getting good,” Tina reared a little.

“You bet it is. Sasparalla is taking koloseraths by storm.” Marie then felt a pinching sensation. “OUCH!” She looked down and saw a ko­loserath looking like a matagot, an animal transforming (usually a black cat) creature.

"Oh dear; this is bad! This is just like what Mary-Anne said. AGNOLA COME DOWN HERE!” Marie shouted after kicking the kolose­rath in the chest, killing it.

“Okay.” Agnola walked down from her web and said, “What’s the matter?”

I’ve been bitten by a koloserath, and if you don’t help me, then I’ll become a koloserath.”

Agnola sprayed salt on Marie. “It’ll freeze the poison from draining all of the life out of you. In the process it’ll make you lay down along with your head.”

“I hope that you know what you are doing.” Marie lay down.

“I have helped escapees before.”

The spider-like creature bit down on Marie’s neck—It didn’t hurt much—and Marie could see the time when she first met Tunna, the excitement that Tunna gave her and the time when she was with her father. How young he was back then!

Then everything went black.


When Marie woke up the next morning, she saw her mate with a worried look.

“Is the battle over?” were the first few words that she said.

Tunna chuckled, “It’s more than over. Sasparalla was crazy enough to drive the koloseraths bonkers.”

“And then what happened?”

“And then Sasparalla went into psychopathic mode and yelled a whole lot of unintelligible words and then spun around in a huge circle. She kicked the koloseraths to the mountains where they just died.” Tunna said.

Marie was starting to get up on her feet when she heard that. “What was her finishing sentence?”

“‘TALL TALES WILL CRY TO THE HEAVENS, YOU FAIRY TALES!’ were the words she yelled when the battle was over.”

Marie walked a step and she nearly fell. “Careful, Marie,” Tunna said, steadying his mate to her feet, “Agnola said that you may wobble when you walk for the first few hours, but after a while you will be able to walk again.”

“I feel a bit woozy, too. Could this be an after-effect of Agnola’s bite?” Marie asked.

“Maybe, but I’m sure that it’s no big deal.”

“Maybe…” Marie’s voice trailed off. She laid herself down once again and watched Sasparalla, treated like a hero that saved millions of lives.

“That was an AWESOME fiesta,” Sasparalla said—somehow she was referring to the battle—with her tail twitching in different directions.

“Hi Aunt Sasparalla,” Marie said.

“Hi Marie,” Sasparalla said, “I heard about your bite. I’m sorry about that.”

“That’s alright. Besides, it is not your fault that a koloserath bit me. It was my fault. I should have looked down before going to the battlefield.”

Sasparalla looked down at Marie’s leg. It was glistened with silver as if Marie was preparing to be the part of the Christmas Unicorn in a play. “That is a great scar.”

“Oh, stop. It will stay with me until the day that I die.”

“No I’m serious.”

“Thank you!”

“You are welcome.”

“And thank God that you devoured that peppermint bush when you were young.”

Sasparalla blushed. “Aw, you don’t have to say that. It was noth­ing.”

“It was not ‘anything.’ It was pure genius.” Marie smiled, her pelt shaking with excitement. “It made the koloseraths look as if you said the classic ‘My underwear’s a-snapping’ joke. Man, did you—I mean were they…”

“…Embarrassed? That seems to be the word.”

“Yeah that is good.”


“It is a great honor that Princess Marie and Prince Tunna, both survivors of the Koloserath battle, become Queen Marie and King Tunna!” Binakka said. The two-hundred-strong herd cheered with joy. Marie—I mean Queen Marie and King Tunna bowed their heads with a tad excite­ment.

“And what will be your first royal decree?” Bidka asked.

Queen Marie thought about it and said in three simple words, “Let’s…go…home.”

“Well you heard the lady. Let’s go home,” Tina said with a watery smile.

Queen Marie and King Tunna climbed onto Mary-Anne’s back and the trio said, “Unicorn Universe, HERE WE COME!”

“What if the koloseraths turned it into a heck-bound koloserath camp?” Takka asked.

“Then we’ll fight and fight until it is safe and green again,” Marie said.

“Or, my love, that koloserath tried to track us down.” Tunna tugged on something on Mary-Anne’s purple tail. It was red and it had a flashing light that made Marie’s eyes sting.

“A tracker,” Marie gasped while squinting.

“I’m afraid so,” Tunna said.

Tunna pulled the tracker off and broke it with his teeth. The tracker did not emit anything out of the beamer.

“That’ll keep them from tracking us down!” Ashandra said.

“Let me take the king and queen to Unicorn Universe,” Mary-Anne said, “and then I’ll take the herd to Unicorn Universe.”

Mary-Anne sprouted her wings and she flew Queen Marie and King Tunna over to Unicorn Universe.

In no time at all, Queen Marie, King Tunna, and Mary-Anne landed safely into Unicorn Universe. What a huge journey, you have had. Marie heard someone say. Marie turned toward the voice, and she was so excited, she thought she would faint.

Chapter 6: No Regrets

“Daddy, is that you?” Marie asked.

“Marie, whom are you talking to?” Tunna said with concern.

“Tunna, will you quiet?” Marie scolded. “Daddy, where are you?”

Right here, my daughter, said the voice.

“Daddy, I’m here Daddy!” Marie started running to the voice. Tunna, worried about his mate, ran with her to see where she was going.

Marie, I am behind the Cyprus tree. The voice was getting louder and louder every time Marie came closer. Marie suspected that she was getting closer and ran behind the Cyprus tree and saw a ghostly version of her father.

“Daddy, it is you.” Marie’s eyes tried to hide the tears, but her heart betrayed them and the tears came rolling down her face.

It is I all right. I want to come back to life stronger, younger, and happier.

Marie started to sing. “And if I could trade, I would.”

You remember that song, “Gone Away,” do you not?

“Hey…you are the one who taught it to me when I was five-years-old.”

I did, did I not? Valor asked.

“You didn’t raise a chickacorn,” Marie cracked.

Oh, you, Valor said and he raised his spiritual head and laughed.

Marie laughed too.

How can I become real again? Valor asked when they finally calmed down.

“Did they say that it wasn’t your time yet?”

Yes, but I stayed away from the Koloserath Battle. It was too crazy, Valor said.

“Yes, Aunt Sasparalla was crazy. ‘HOWL AT THE MOON LINERS, YOU DOGS,’ or ‘MOPS WILL VIE FOR TRUTH, YOU DEAD-HEADS,’ she said.”

She said that. Whoa, she must have gone into psychopathic mode, said unintelligent words, and spun around in a huge circle!

“She did.”

Now, I will go to the tunnels undetected and then I will get my body back, Valor said. I can turn invisible.

“Just get your body and join the others, and then we’ll talk,” Marie sniffed at the scar on her leg.

Koloserath bite, Valor asked.

“I am cured though. A stonesettia named Agnola cured me.”

I am going now! You and Tunna are a great team! Valor nodded and turned to leave.



“Who were you talking to?” Tunna asked.

“My dad,” Marie answered.

“But, Valor’s dead.”

“He is, but he wants to come back to life. I mean, you wanted to see my father, right?”

Tunna hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Yeah, you have a point there.”

“You know I do,” Marie said. “I’m your girlfriend, after all.”

“You are and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Tunna smiled.

Marie blushed. She had known Tunna since they met that uneventful day, and now they are lovers forever. She loved him, and he loved her.

Mary-Anne flew back—she flew away when she let Marie and Tunna off—with the other unicorns. They felt confused because Valor came back. “Who’s going to be leader, now?” one unicorn asked.

“My daughter and my son-in-law will be the leaders,” said Valor. Much to the unicorns’ confusion, Marie’s tinsel-like leg stretched out in front of Valor, as if she were defending her now-young father.

“That’s right,” Marie said. “We are the leaders of Unicorn Universe, NO ARGUMENTS!”

“That’s my girl!” Valor said to another unicorn.

Epilogue: A Few Years Later (Third Person)

We see Marie lying on the ground. She wakes up and feels something warm under her. She realizes that Tunna is under her. She stands up and walks to the Nursery den—she knows that Thomas James and Mary-Anne had their foal three days ago. Soon, she will go to the nursery herself. She sighs as she looks in adoration at the new foal, named Kelli Marcus.

“Well it looks to be a brand-new day,” Marie hears her mate, Tunna, say.

“Yeah, it is a brand-new day,” Marie says.

“Did you see Mary-Anne and Thomas James’s new foal? She is really cute.”

“I believe adorable is the word.”

“That is a better word than what I had said,” Tunna says with a smile.

“Soon, I’ll be in the Nursery…”

“We’ll wait until that happens, my Queen.”

“Let’s get some sleep,” Marie says with a drowsy look in her eyes.


Then we see them going back to the leaders den. They tumble but…in a good way.

The end


















Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Friends 2

Chapter 2: The Flight to the Tunnels 14

Chapter 3:  Life Rolls On. 21

Chapter 4:  The Nightmare that Led to Screams 26

Chapter 5: Battle…and Romance in Heart 31

Chapter 6. 41

No Regrets 41

Epilogue: A Few Years Later (Third Person) 44

The end. 44










The End

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