Hangovers and RealizationsMature

I woke. I was not comfortable. I had an absolute pounding headache and couldn't remember anything from the previous night, apart from my rather odd dream. I gave myself the once over; I was lying on my bed, on top of the covers. I was still wearing my outfit from last night, including the shoes.. I took them off, savoured the feeling and threw them into the corner of the room. A quick look in the mirror confirmed my hair to be extremely dishevelled and my makeup very smudged. I wracked my brain, trying to remember the goings on of the night. During the searching, I recalled some of my bizzare dream and laughed to myself, glancing around the room. Floral wallpaper, full-length mirror, old xbox, little tv, dreamcatcher, shelves, wardrobe, lamp, bedside table, a peice of white card?  I turned it over in my hands, it turned out to be an envelope with 'The League' printed on the back. The dream flooded back into my head.

"Ohhhhhh shit." I whispered. But abbruptly I heard some one approaching and threw the envelope aside. Eli entered wearing his pyjamas, and his head almost touching the low ceiling. He looked pissed off. Before I knew it he was yelling at me, unusual for him, the calm one. 

"Pixie, what the fuck happened last night!? First, you don't turn up at the bar despite being late anyway with not so much as a text, second, you don't pick up your phone when anyone calls, third, you left the front door unlocked and fourth, a guy turns up on our doorstep at dawn with you in his arms. Unconcious! Pixie we all know you like to piss around, but honestly what were you doing!? The guy said you were sedated, thats right, sedated. WHY WERE YOU SEDATED!? What were you doing all night!? Who was that guy!? What's in the envel-"  My hands flew up, indicating for him to stop talking. He must have been really worried, I felt sick.

"Look babe, i'm sorry, I really messed up last night. I know about as much as you do about that guy and what happened but I think I got myself a job."

Eli's eyebrows shot up so high that they almost hit the ceiling, then they lowered and he looked concerned.

"Oh Pix...you really did become a stripper didn't you?" He cried. I blinked and laughed my dirty laugh.

"Ahaha! No no no, haha..I'm a taxi driver I think. But I don't really know much yet.. I'll tell you when I know." And with that I shooed him out of the room saying that I needed to shower and to get dressed, and I requested that he assured Raven that all was well to keep her from murdering me in the shower like the movie 'Psycho'. Once I was washed, dressed, had done my makeup and hair and taken a few hangover tablets, I picked up the discarded envelope and opened it. It contained a single peice of white paper with text on both sides, I read the whole thing. Twice. It pretty much just said that my new job was to drive rich people around all night and to charge them double what the metre said but to be smooth and suave. I would be driving men around since they apparently feel more comfortable being driven by an 'attractive' woman.  It actually said that. Looks and charm were requirements and according to the letter, I filled the requirements. ...How flattering. The most exiting part of the letter was that it said they would provide the car and I would drive it around. I just needed to call a number and arrange to go to the headquaters and be measured up, so I did, since I had nothing better to do with my day and would probably just end up abusing greasy teenagers on Call of Duty.

I dialled the number and the phone was picked up on the second ring.

"The league here, how may I help you today?" Came an unpleasantly shrill female voice from the reciever.

"Hello there, my name is Pixie Desilva and I am calling to make an appointment for a measurement with um, Alastair?"

There was a pause from the woman

"Let me just confirm this, i'm putting you on hold."

She did so and the standard music came from the telephone, cheesy and annoying. I found this amusing and did a little dance to banish the impatience. She returned within five minutes.

"Hello, miss Desilva? Yes, good, Alistair would like to see you right away and is sending some one to come pick you up. I would go outside if I were you."

"Outside? Like, outside of my house? Through the front door and down the front path?"

"That's right."

"Alright I'll do that, thank you, bye."

and with that I hung up and went outside. Raven and Eli had left for work already so I was alone in the house. I locked the door, put the key under the mat and sat on the wall in front of the house. Then, the most ostentatious car I have ever seen pulled up in front of me.

A/N: Hello loved ones~ Ooooh, the third chapter! Sorry that i'm such a douche and take ages to do anything and suck at everything =.= And again with the fact that I enjoy praise, constructive criticism, ratings and just general comments yada yada yada.. This chapter isn't really all that good and is a bit irrelevant but it had to be covered so...y'know. Things will probably kick off in the next chapter so stay tuned!

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The End

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