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I didn't answer. He wanted to know what I was? This was getting weird. The driver composed himself and stared straight ahead.

He drove us ever faster through the glowing lights of my beloved Reach City. I stared out of my side window, confused and a bit weirded out.

"I'm taking a short cut." Mr. Driver announced quietly.

I continued to watch the bright lights go past in a blur and made no attempts at answering. After a few minutes we had entered a part of town that I didn't recognise and I began to worry. He wore a headset and I was put at ease as he muttered 

 "Slack Alice, Reach High Street." into the microphone.

We continued through the looming black buildings until we reached a dead end. But there was Slack Alice. I could hear Flux by Bloc Party drifting out through the open doors. Odd, no bouncers? And had it always been surrounded by these unfriendly-looking warehouses? I was apprehensive. Mr. Driver Guy, noticing my nervousness offered to escort me to the doors of the club.

"Um, no thank you. I can manage." I stammered.

"I insist." He interjected.

"No, don't trouble yourself."

"But you haven't paid."

"Oh!" I blushed, embaressed. "How much do I owe you?"

"Let me take you into the club and you wont have to pay." He offered, smiling. 

I looked up at him finally, I was good at telling when people were leading me on and his green eyes were not, he was telling the truth. I smiled sexily at him and heartily accpeted his offer.

He got out of car and opened my door for me, how very Edward Cullen. I thanked him and carefully manouvered out. We entered the entrance of the club and suddenly I was surrounded by tall men with crowbars. shocked and afraid, I staggered back into my taxi driver, thinking that he would leap to my rescue. I was wrong. He injected something into my shoulder. The last thing I registered was his cold expression and then I collapsed.

When  I came to-sort of-it was like I was underwater. I couldn't open my eyes or move or feel anything but I could hear. I identified the voice of my taxi driver and I heard another voice that I didnt recognise. My brain felt completely scrambled and I heard words like 'Job' 'think' 'she' 'angel' 'power' 'undefeatable' 'Ramones'.

When Pixie roused, she was lying on a leather sofa in dark room. It was all dark apart from a spotlight on three men in the centre, all wearing identical tuxedos. The left one had long straight blonde hair. He was the tallest. The middle one was sitting on a recliner that matched the sofa. He was bald and had a smirk on his face. The one on the right was the driver from earlier. The bald one stood and spoke directly to her, not moving out of the spotlight.

"Hello there Miss Desilva, how are you feeling?"

I stretched and yawned, not bothering to wonder how he new my name then proceeded to sit myself more comfortably on the sofa and replied,

"Good ta slaphead, now could you do me the great honour of telling me what the fuck i'm doing here?" I wasn't exactly going to be polite to these guys.

Baldy chuckled at my death glare.

"Well Miss Desilva, I am aware that you are in need of some financial help and I would like to offer you a job with my company. No, not company, my family. I would like you to join my family."

I just stared at the guy. He kidnapped me, drugged me and then offered me job. Join his family? Was I going to have to marry some one!? Maybe I was still was all so unclear. I thought that I must be dreaming still and I had never woken up. Hell, if this was a dream I was going to make the most of it. Fuck it all, dream jobs might be great. So I just got up, strutted accross the room, hugged the bald guy, kissed him on both cheeks, beamed at him angelically and chimed

"That would be lovely, a job is exactly what I need right now! Wow, aren't you nice? You're like a charity, helping poor in-debt student girls like myself."

The man looked shocked but charmed. He held me out of the light and pointed out  "I'm delighted you are so enthusiastic but you wouldn't like a night to sleep on it?"




He wrang his hands muttering "Excellent, excellent!" Then he clapped the lights on and walked over to a filing cabinate in one corner of the large, bare, open white room and he took out a piece of card. He returned to his previous place and gestured to the men who were still standing either side of the recliner "This is Leon" He gestured to pretty blonde Leon and he kissed my hand 

"Hello miss Desilva, it's a pleasure to meet you and i'm so very glad to finally have some one so lovely as yourself on the team."

Haha!  Guys in dreams were lovely! Well most of them. I thanked Leon and giggled schoolgirlishly then he returned to his former stance. BladymcBalderson continued, "And this is Beau who I do believe you have met already?"

"Yes. We have." I confirmed with an ultra-cool, indifferent nod in his direction. The bastard. He deserved no special recognition. Going around injecting poor innocent girls with who-knows-what?

"Yes, hello again Miss Desilva." Beau answered.

I just nodded again. The bald dude finally genstured to himself,

"And my name, dear child, is Alastair. I will be your boss, your father."

"Hello Alastair, father. My name is Pixie, Pixie Desilva, What will you have me do?" I replied

"Well dear Pixie, you shall be a taxi driver. You will have your own taxi custom built to your measurements and tastes. The rest will be explained in this letter."

He passed the envelope containing the letter to me. It was very thin and and had no front cover. I was told to read it when I was returned home. That was good I should probably be waking up soon. I signed  a contract and Alastair told me that I should call when I'm next available. Then Beau pulled out a needle, telling me it he was sorry but it was a necessity. Dreams couldn't hurt, what was the harm? So I held my bare smooth arm out and he held it firmly. We all said our goodbyes and then I was injected once again, slipping into darkness..


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The End

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