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There was a sharp rapping noise. Someone was knocking my bedroom door? I rolled over to look at the clock on my bedside table, it was 2:18 am. Not a happy time for me.

"Raven, I'll return your eyeliner at a more sensible hour. Leave me alone." I slurred in the general direction of the door.

The knocking continued.

"Eli, I'll give you Raven's eyeliner at a more sensible hour.GO AWAY PLEASE." I mumbled angrily at the darkness. 

There was a few more knocks and then I heard his voice. The voice I'd been hearing in my dreams for the past month or so. The voice that had been crooning my name, the voice that, by all rights should be Gabriel's. It wasn't so soft now though, it was the surly voice of my reality. Low, serious, severe but yet I always heard an undertone which now was slightly gentle. Velvet bass.

"Miss Desilva, it's me, Beau Casablancas. I'm coming in. It's urgent League business." His voice was hushed and with that, he ducked through the door into my little world as I turned on my tiny lamp, the scene Adonis was in my bedroom. I was incredulous. What the absolute fuck was he doing here? I half fell out of bed.  I stood in front of him and we looked each other up and down. He gasped but I barely registered it due to the sheer impossibility of the situation. He was wearing a black suit, very much like his uniform but the red tie was replaced with a black one. He seemed to be focusing very hard on a corner of the room and said nothing more, for some reason, he looked profoundly angry. His expression made my reply more acidic than intended.

"Yo, Casablancas, two questions: How the fuck? And what the fuck?" 

"I'll explain later." He forced out through a tight jaw. "Just, Miss De--"

"Pixie," I interrupted angrily "my name is PIXIE." 

"Fine. Get dressed Pixie, we're going to a party and you are going to accompany me as my partner. " His gaze flickered back to my face, noticing my anger and confusion "I will explain. I swear." And I couldn't doubt the solemnity in his voice. It was then that I realised why he had gasped earlier, I had gone to bed in a crop-top. One that revealed my terrible scar that ran diagonally from my ribcage, across my stomach and down my abdomen that I received from the car accident. That explained his gasping, he was disgusted. He was so angry because he had to be paired with a freak. I was suddenly very eager to get dressed, making him stare at the wall as I put on my uniform. He told me that we were both taking the limousine so I climbed in the front and stared out of my window as we sped into the darker side of town, trying desperately not to cry.

I let him talk at me the entire way, he didn't go back on his promise and explained to me how there was a party going on for the aristocracy of Reach and the two head honcho families of the city, the Cosentino family and the Palmadessa family. Italians. And, apparently some shit might go down 'in fair Verona where we lay our scene...'. Which was really why we were there, situated at the entrance/exits of the extravagant villa, by the cars , in case our Consentinos needed a quick escape. In case the brawling love and loving hate turned out to be too much and some one decided against an oxymoron. We had been there for about two hours and the sun was beginning to rise. I was still upset over Beau's reaction to my scar but then I found that the more I thought about it the more upset I got but I couldn't help it. I just faced away from him and wept quietly. It wasn't until my shoulders began to shake that he realised something was wrong.

"Pixie..." He said uncertainly "are you...why are you crying!?" I  shook my head which was now in my hands. He put his hands on my shoulders, steering me around so I was facing him-Well I would be but I wasn't going to look at him in that state. "Ugh, look, I know we aren't exactly very good friends and you probably hate me but please tell me why you're crying. I'm genuinely concerned." His voice was so gentle that I had to look up, his green eyes were the same. But earlier, he was so horrified! He was the last person in the world who I could tell! I decided to lie and make up a relationship problem between myself and Gabriel.

"Beau  I--"

"Ahahahahaha! Casablancas!" An american voice chortled from the thick fringe of trees just off the right side of the house. I looked over Beau's shoulder to see someone detach himself from the darkness. He was about Beau's height and build but with an olive skin-tone and blonde curly hair. He was very pretty. Beau turned around stiffly.

"Ramone.Go. Away. Now." He said simply, but with a loathing edge. The blonde stranger laughed in reply and then went on

"Woah now, i'm only doing my job. Hey! Is that a crying girl!? That uniform, she's part of your league! Dang it, she's hot, no fair man. No fair." I stepped out from behind my colleague, too fascinated with the new person to continue my blubbering and thinking 'what would I do without waterproof makeup?' and extended my hand,

"My name is Pixie Desilva, it's a pleasure to um, I erm," I stammered as he kissed my hand. I noted that Beau was making a sort of snarling noise under his breath.

 "Why were you crying babydoll? The big Beau being mean?" He purred, he was reaching for my face, to wipe the tears from my cheeks. The snarling became more pronounced, but my american friend just chuckled and more or less ignored him. I was transfixed. " Why don't you come with me? The Ramones'll show you a good time..." He slipped a knife from out of his sleeve and was about to put it near my face but suddenly he was very far away. I blinked twice and realised that Beau had kicked the guy, square in the chest which sent him flying back into the trees. I heard a few gasps and angry mumbles from where he'd disappeared into the murky dark of the forest. A hushed profanity from my side brought me back down to earth but before I could question his spontaneous act of violence, a small knife flew out of the evergreens, heading straight towards me until Beau lurched in the way and it jammed into his chest. I would have screamed but he'd already swept me up and was sprinting towards the car, diving in as more projectiles flew out of the undergrowth.

We were down the path and back into town in no time,  the still-sleeping streets not even noticing us roaring past. I was almost in hysterics, but my partner insisted that we didn't stop until we reached my house, he seemed relatively comfortable considering he had a knife sticking out of his torso.

Once we'd stopped, I made him recline his chair as far back as it would go-since he refused to come into the house in case he stained any furniture-  and retrieved the first aid kit from under my seat. Once the knife had been removed I stopped the bleeding, cleaned the wound vigorously, attempting to ignore his bare chest, the abs, the pecs with small scars bordering them. 

"Are you sure you don't need to go to hospital?" I asked, concerned.

"No but, I can't believe he stabbed me..."

"You should have let it hit me." 

"No. Never."

"You only got stabbed because you kicked him, why did you get so angry anyway?"

He looked away at the pink clouds of the new dawn. It looked like he was struggling with something.

"Pixie. I barely know you and yet I feel, very protective of you. I don't know why. I can't put it into words. I thought he was going to hurt you, and how he was talking to you, ugh!" He shook his head at the memory "Just the thought of someone hurting you is too much for me to bear. When I saw" he winced "...your scar. Just thinking of someone giving you that scar...somebody hurting you. It made me horrendously angry." I felt a wide smile spread across my face, so he didn't think I was a fact, it kind of sounded like he was in love with me.

"You were angry because of that? Oh that's such a relief!" I sighed, relieved. He sat up, crossing his legs and raised an eyebrow. I kept my hand on his chest.

"That relieves you?  What did you think I was so angry about?" He enquired, I stared into the liquid depths of his green eyes.

"I thought you thought I was some sort of deranged freak and you were angry because you didn't want to be partnered up with me." I gushed, without thinking. His expression turned horrified, I drew my hand back like I'd been whipped. Hiding my face in my hands, the embarrassment was too much to bear. "Ohhhh! Forget I said anything! In fact, I'll just leave!" I turned to grab the door handle but he took hold of my wrist.

"Pixie. Look at me." His voice was low and husky. I turned slowly and he was looking at me with the most gentle expression I had ever seen. "I would never think badly of you like that." he leaned closer, my lips were shaking "Never." And then he kissed me, and I kissed him. There I was, making out with my boyfriend's best friend in the company car while he bled on the upholstery.

A/N: Hmmm. Where the hell did that come from? I haven't slept in 21 hours. It's 6:18 am. Well...I hope you enjoyed that, what ever that was... Um, feedback is welcome? 

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The End

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