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The next month went by quickly. The league gave me an Audi R8 and  Alastair told me that if I was a good girl he would buy me a Koenigsegg CCXR for Christmas. Ridiculous. Completely and utterly ridiculous. I think he is trying to compensate for me not having a father. You see, I have no dad or memories since before I was 9. The reason for that is when me and daddy were picking up the Christmas tree that year, some drunk fucktard hadn't taken the proper precautions for the icy road and he crashed into us in his truck. Both men were killed instantly. I, on the other hand, survived. I woke up in a hospital bed, didn't know who I was, how old I was, or where I was. The feeling can't quite be put into words, the sense of confusion and fear is sickening. It took me months to finally realise that my mother really was my mother.  But anyway, Alastair told me that he has always wanted a daughter but has never found the right woman. I can hear him now...

"Oh Pixie, baby girl, no father? How terrible! I'll tell you what though I have always dreamt of having my very own daughter but, women these days, so money-hungry, so monopolizing, so appearance-conscious. I doubt I will ever father my own so make my dream come true, be my little girl." So, here I am today. Little miss substitute daughter.

     I found work great, the pay was good, the hours even better and the company was exquisite (save for most of my female co-workers). My uniform was cute, it was like cosplay and my clients were all very friendly. Taxi driving was easy as it looked to be honest, customers tell you where they want to go and you go there, simple as. I had lessons in flirting since it was a vital role in my job but believe me, it helped. But sort of made me feel like a call girl I might add... 

     The best part of the job though were the small perks, Gabriel and I had got on extremely well and were now dating, we'd been to a movie, a fun fair and TGI Fridays. If I had to use one word/phrase to describe him it would be 'Miam miam' followed by drooling. He was the one who introduced me informally to my fellow female taxi drivers. There were surprisingly only three girls besides me, Lucy, my least favourite, who, in short was: tall, tanned, sickeningly skinny with long, straight blonde hair, dull brown eyes and pink lips the size of  pillows all topped off gigantic bosoms. Izzy, whom I didn't mind so much: Chunky, tall, pink with glossy brown hair and hazel eyes. She looked like the sort who would give a magnificent hug if they weren't so dim or so far up their own arse. The third of the females and my favourite was called Emma. I assume from how she looked that she was part Asian with shiny black hair, brown eyes and a lovely petite figure. She was a darling and we got on very well. 

     I was beginning to wonder if i'd expected too much of this job. The recruitment process was so criminal and exiting but this was rather repetative, go in at either 9pm, 10pm, or 11pm, clock off at sometime around 8am, deal with drunks, make sure everyone gets home safe. Voila, done. Lather, rinse, repeat. It wasn't until sometime around my birthday when I finally got a taste of the real action. I finally  met our rival company. The Ramones. 


A/N: Greetings and salutations! Sorry about this chapter but it had to be done. "Who are The Ramones? Tell us sensei!" I hear you plead. Fear not inquisitive reader, all shall be revealed! You just going to have to continue reading~                         Until next time comrades, xHatGirlx   


The End

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