The League of Taxi DriversMature

A girl, Pixie Desilva, has just started her second year at Reach City University. It's pretty prestigious and everyone is snobbish and proud. Pixie is very different, therefore she doesn't have many friends. Most of the time she just plays video games or exercises at the gym, until one day when she is on her way to go clubbing with some friends she is kidnapped by an INCREDIBLY hot taxi driver.

" 'DIE bumbaclart! Aww what's that? Don't like the taste of lead eh? BWAHAHAHA!'  Was the first thing I heard when I walked in Pix."  Eli told me.

"Followed by 'I AM XBOX JESUS! Take it like a man! '"  Raven chipped in Laughing.

Eli and Raven are my roommates/best friends, we go together perfectly since we're all outcasts. I'm an 'indie rebel otaku with a heart of gold'-not my words-Raven is a goth lolita otaku and Eli is gay, not good things in this whitebread, godfearing university.

"Yeah, well you know what i'm like on modern warfare.."  I mumbled defensively. "I deserve to relax after the day i've had."

"What day? All you did was fall asleep in lectures and help me pick out hair dye." Raven pointed out. "Pixie, you need to get a part-time job, me and Eli can't be the only ones paying the bills you know."

I hated it when people got serious so I just shrugged and jokingly said "Sure sure, how much do strippers get payed around here?"

We could all tell that Raven was getting pretty annoyed by now, so conflict-hating Eli said "Sorry Pix, but Raven's right, you need to get out a bit more. A job would do be good for you, and you'd have that bit of extra cash..wouldn't you like that? Not constantly having the landlady on our backs?"

It was hard to say no to Eli so I just pouted and nodded.

He breathed a sigh of relief now that the atmosphere was back to normal. "We're all going clubbing tonight, to Slack Alice then looking for some new places, you in?"

I grinned at the thought of another late night and announced "I'm in."

Later on, Raven and Eli have left already for Slack Alice. If they had waited for Pixie their friends at the club would have thought they weren't coming. So they, left and Pixie is waiting for a taxi. She had phoned the new taxi service called 'The League' the name intruiged her.

"Where the hell is this taxi!? I'm sooo screwed!" I whimpered to myself as I paced up and down the hallway. Suddenly my phone went off the, taxi was here! I raced out of the house and but stopped before I got into the taxi. It was a Porsche. The taxi was a friggin' porsche. But it had 'The league, registered taxi service' on the side so I shrugged and got in. I was wearing my little black sequin strapless dress and, had my short, shaggy brown hair curled and caked on makeup. I skillfully got into the car, careful not to flash or mess my hair up. 

"Desilva?" The driver asked.

"Yeah, i'm going to the club Slack Alice? It's on the highstreet." I informed him, and he sped off. I was beggining to think this was a really bad idea, how much was this going to cost!? I decided to ask now that we'd stopped at a red light but when I looked at my driver I couldn't speak. He was INSANELY HOT. Even from the side and with sunglasses on he was so goddamn fine that I wanted to cry. He must have sensed that I was staring at him because he looked back at me and gasped. His mouth fell open and he took off his sunglasses. Ah, that made all the difference, he had long-ish glossy black hair and the most beautiful green eyes that I had ever seen with defined cheek bones and  he smelled amazing. And for some reason, he was staring back at me with the same look of awe that was on my face and he whispered

"What are you..?"

A/N: Hii this is my first attempt at writing so be gentle with me, all comments, criticism, ratings and suggestions are heartily welcomed. Ta,  --xHatGirlx~~

The End

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