Another Envelope

I take the envelope in my hands, turning it over and over, fingers shaking. Black, white, black, white - a symbolic duality perhaps, counterpointed by the colourful crayon of a child?

I am making up my mind to open it, thinking at the speed of a cat through quicksand, when from behind me another "schlep-plop", although smaller this time, startles me to the point of cardiac arrest!

It is another envelope, black side up, a quarter the size...

I turn it over to the white. This one is blank. No crayon. No markings at all. This makes it less intimidating somehow and I tear at its edges to rip it open immediately.

Inside, a single piece of paper, folded once. There are three words on it, in crayon... the first in red, the second in orange, the third in green. It says:


The End

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