The Law Of The Gun

In a barren wastleland of corrupt sheriffs, ruthless gunslingers, cheaters, stealers, and undertakers lie the only law. The law of the gun. Now a famous marshall must save a town from itself before its too late.

       "Hello, you must be the new town marshall," a bearded man says "say you wouldn't happen to have any guns on you do you cause' im gonna have to kill you." Just as the words are out of his mouth the man reaches for his gun as lead pounds into his hand."Not quick enough for me,"  Grady said "If you ever try something like that again im going to kill you, understand?" The man nodds suddedenly and runs off in the other direction.  The famous marshall has been called upon by the town of Goldstine to protect them from the 70 bandits who lurk the streets waiting for someone they can kill.

    As he enters the town he can see that the town is excatly what he expected. The town consided of a hotel, a saloon, a general store, a trading post, a sheriff's office, and a restraunt.  He enters the restuarant and orders a cup of coffee as he has been wanting for days as he has been traveling to the town. A strange man comes walking up and sits down , "Hi, you must be new here im Bobby the town resturant owner." Grady is about to speak but is interupted by the owner, "I can tell by your badge that you are the new marshall. You do not know how many sheriffs have died, the only reason the sheriff right now is alive is because he doesn't do a thing." Grady is once again interupted by the owner as he tries to speak, "Ever sience gold has been found here pepole from all over have come to gather whatever gold they could get, but unfortunatly it brought all these guys bandits here to get what they could. The ruthless of them all is bearded dan" Just as the words are out of his mouth the ruthless man himself enters the restruant. "Okay Bobby im here to collect my 'taxes' from you!" A man from the table in the back raises a shotgun but it is guned down by Dan. Grady draws and fires and the bullet hits dan in the arm."Did you miss me Dan? Cause' I sure did miss you." Dan dashes out as Bobby looks up. "You saved my life mister. What is you name?" Bobby askes. "My name is Grady, but i think we should be more worried about the man who got shot over there."

   The two men run to the shot man. "Are you ok?" Bobby askes."Yes i am the bullet only scraped me," the man then stands up and turns to face Grady,"I am very impresed by your gun work there. I'm sorry i did not introduce myself my name is Dr. Brown I am the town's doctor." The man says."I am Grady the new town marshall" Grady replies. 

The End

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