Information is Information...... Its what I choose to do with it

As I read more I realised that "Life" wasn't  meant to be like this, I was subconsiously being "mind controlled"since birth.........

I was a child that had been a "product" of divorce, I had been mentally and physically tortured by my stepmother,I had left home at 14,I had my daughter at 17, by 21 I was a single parent that had a horrific 7 years with my daughters  father and had then decided that all them factors were not going to determine my  future, I studied and worked and did everything that wasn't possible for a young woman with a small child in tow to do, I never took anything off anyone, never relied on anyone but myself,

Then with all that behind me I made a good "So called" life for myself,I had started my own business, lived in a beautiful home, paid taxes and struggled like every other "Working class" person, Praying to "The one" to make life easier and help me,

No one helped, the atrocities of the world playing hard on my mind and my soul,

Then I plod along the so called "Path" of my life and wondered is this it?

Questioning daily what is my purpose..........

I had been a "Non conformist" from birth and looking back that was the one thing that had helped me, I didn't want go against my "Gut instinct" "Conscience" "Soul" whatever you want to call it..... It was the only thing I had on my "Side"

whilst reminising..... I picked up the next book I read, it had been re-published in 1857.... that my friend had bought from "Ebay" for £1, and I started looking at word origins and their original meaning's, in an instant I realised that it was the way we spoke that had us defeated before we even start, words with complete opposite meanings, and in Metaphysics I had learned that it was the movement and vibrations of sound that made "Matter"...... so now I started to watch everyday people doing this daily and then wondering why everthing always went "Wrong"......It was because when going along in your everyday life the majority of people had internal "Doubt and Fears" so they started everything they did with an "IF or a But"..... so that told me that mentally they had already failed, going through the motions was just habbit, Most people fear dying or illness or bad luck.... after what I had seen in my 31 years it  had banished all my fear along time ago..... So I was "Lucky" I thought to myself......

The End

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