The Law of A Legal life....

An epiphany of sort's, a realisation of everything my intuition and soul has been telling me.......Once I start to listen and pick up the inateness of my self...... life has become very clear and not in the sense of...."I know where my life is heading"....but in the sense of "Now I See....."In an instant fell away my past,my hurt and my pain, my view on some things stay the same, but the actions that brought my realisation are a matter of coinceidences....or so it seems, no this was inevitable

"Mum... all you have done for the last 4 week's is read" I look up and smile "Sit down love" let me show you something, my daughter rolls her eyes and smiles "Quick please mum I am going to be late for school"   I read out  a quote from aristotle and she smiles getting it instantly, "I am me I am free" i say to her as she leaves for school, "I am me I am free" she replies as I knew she would, I start looking in to word origins and latin, very interesting stuff I thought to my self,

 I looked through words and their original meanings, the more I read the more I understand, all started with a book my friend had give me....(the majority of the books I read find me) the book is called "Trance  formation of america" It took me 10 days in total to read, (which for me is a long time....) and it has changed my whole view, following that book I read a very old book on metaphysics so now my brain was really hurting, mind control and metaphsics my brain thought I was having a Laugh!

The more I read the more I "Get it" I thought, Wow what a liberating feeling this is, I finished reading Trance.... And was left with a feeling of intense shock,

In my heart I knew this had been going on, and now felt it was my duty to let anyone I knew....Know the truth.

I googled and youtubed anything of relevance, to my amazement more  souls as myself were "On it" I then found Kymatica..... a whole different kettle of fish..... Through a book on mind control to a scientific theory Kymatica it took me to look into myself, I had the past experience and my inate knowledge

(being born to sikh parents then being raised as a roman catholic,step mother is a hindu/sikh depending on the day of the week,my daughters father is a muslim.....)

of religon and so called culture and traditions that at my age (31) A british born english woman from yorkshire with Indian descendants and a whole lifetime of knowledge, I now realised that all religions were a form of mind control.... my inateness had always told me this but now I felt it, my brain was soaking up the information and with the power of both sides of my brain working.....I was letting go of all pre-concieved Ideas.....I love it

The End

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