A New Home, A New StartMature

In a small town like Montclair nothing much happens, during the off seasons. Jannie and a group friends was the pinnacle of cool, beauty, rich and popular. Exorting their power around town and school, they found pleasure in making others recognize who they were. But it goes to far when her friends take a prank over the top. Now years in the future Jannie must face up to her past, or risk losing everything she calls normal. Will Jannie be able to fall in love and release the pain of her past or

The patter of the rain drumming into the earth, I press my body against the door as I await for someone to let me in. The cold breeze that seemed to blow right through me, chattering my bones. Eventually the door swings open, seeing my grandmother standing in the doorway, wearing her eggshell robe, underneath I can see her sleeping gown, that reminds me of the 1950s silk dresses. 

"Jannie!" her voice cuts, but yet it was warm to me, maybe because I grew up with her so I grew used to it.

"Hi grandmama" I smile though my body is trembling madly, her eyes scanning me over as if afraid I might pass out right there. She quickly grabs my arm and pulls me inside, her nails gently poking into me feel like pin points. I deal with the pain till she releases me locking the door behind me.

The End

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