Last TimeMature

A complicated daughter and father relationship.

          As I look at the white rundown house, which was once a place a family called “home.” I’m thinking whether or not I should go in, I’m not sure. The truth is I know that if I don’t go in now I feel as if I lost my only chance.

 I take a deep breath and open the car door, “I can do this,” I quietly murmur to myself. Trying to reassure myself that everything will be alright.

Walking across the road I notice that theirs two boys that are playing hockey, suddenly they just stopped and looked at me; I simply continue walking. “Lady!” one of them yelled as they were approaching “Are you going into that house?”

He pointed to the white rundown home as his hand trembles. “Yes,” I replied then suddenly they quickly grab my leg and say “no, no, no don’t go into that house, it’s HAUNTED!”

Now this is getting interesting I thought to myself “By who?” I asked “It’s an ugly cranky old man; his face is soo… full of scars.” I see them shiver with fear “the ghost, it often yells at us and scares us if we get too close,” said the other boy.

“Don’t worry, the ghost knows me so I’ll come back alive” I took a step and they still didn’t let go. I guess that they are a persistent bunch, although when I crossed the side walk they immediately let go. I continued to move forward.

When I got to the porch, the door quietly opened I expected to see someone but that illusion faded when I saw no one. When I entered the house the door quietly shut behind me, I turned around to see who had opened the door.

 Then a big ball of golden fur jumped on me – a golden retriever. “Hey Buddy, how are you?” He licks me as I brush a bit of his fur, I stand up: I face his owner and say “Hello Henry.”

He simply grunts at me and leaves the room. I murmur to myself “Hello Pamela, I’m glad to see you how have you been?” Gosh, what was I thinking? Why was I expecting that type of response from him? I take a deep breath and say “Buddy let’s go.” We walked in the room where we assumed Henry went.

There he was, sitting in his favorite green lounge chair with a cigarette in his hand. As soon as he sees me with his lighter in his hand he lights the cigarette and puffs a smoke and says “Why are you here, Pam?”

The smell of cigarette gets to me and I quickly lose my temper and snatch the cigarette from his hand and through it on the ground and run my heels over it.

“Hey, why did you do that; damn it was my last one,” I responded “I’m here Henry to see how you’re doing, I’ve been worried about you, shocking isn’t” I said.

“Why do you even smoke? Do you want to die just like mom; do you even care about me?” I see a quick flicker of sadness and pity in his eyes but then it quickly turns to anger “I would rather die and be with her than be here in this miserable hell hole.”

“Dad, why do you say that: I know it’s hard without Mom but you’re still alive” he laughs “do you think I’m truly living Pam, really? I can’t even walk to the convenience store without having people stare or being scared of me, you met those boys!”

Dad, I wanted to say but I knew I couldn’t “you should wear your scars with pride you helped save so many lives in World War II. They just don’t know your story, but you should be proud. Staying in this house doesn’t help. Going outside to walk Buddy will help people not be soo scared of you.”

 He looks through a little corner of the spot on the window that isn’t covered by the thick blinds that hide him from the rest of the world, he shows a slight smile and says “yeah, I would like that daughter, and before you leave next Saturday lets go out for coffee, to the place you like.”

What? A place I like outside of this house. I am confused by his question but if this is him trying to get along with me I’ll agree.

A smile escaped my lips “sure Dad, Tea Cup that’s the place Burhanthorpe and Erin mills don’t be late, promise?” “I promise, daughter,” “alright” I said as I left the house and sat in my car. I cried tears of happiness because it was the first time called me daughter.

A week later he never came, I got a call from the police telling me there was a hit and run accident my dad and Buddy were on a walk at night when a drunk driver appeared and killed them. A classic hit and run accident, I never cried so much but at least I know that he’s with my mom together in a happy place.   

The End

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