The Last Time

He felt her dissolve even further, it was when he was clutching her into his chest that he could feel each step of the inevitable decline. It was faster this time, but he had spent a lot of time online and research told him her shifts had always been faster than what was normal.

‘You didn’t take the pills did you.’ It wasn’t a question. He already knew the answer. She steadfastly refused to take anything that had been prescribed, determined that she could manage it herself.

Her whole body shook, silent agony abusing her mind yet again and tears streaming down her face as she faced the demons within her. His finger caught a strand of hair and lifted it over her ear and away from her face, feeling some catch on her tear soaked face. He felt a tear run down his own face and blinked away any that threatened to follow, each episode wore away his own strength.

‘I like being happy.’ He barely caught the words as she whispered them into his shoulder.

‘I know. I like you being happy.’ His arms tightened around her small frame wishing he could push what was left of his strength into her. He could feel her raise her arms as if to return his affection but they fell limp again. ‘Let’s get you to bed.’ His arm wrapped around her shoulder, almost holding her upright as he guided her softly to their room, helping her tug her shirt over her curly hair.

She slid between the covers facing away from him. He slid one arm under her neck and wrapped both around her frame, holding her to his body and refusing to let go. He felt a tear drop onto his arm and squeezed her tighter. She shook again as the repressed tears fell anyway and the depressive episode overtook her again.

‘I love you. We’ll get you through his.’ He whispered. She nodded. ‘I promise.’

The End

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