Heal JinxMature

You rush to her side and work your magic on her, watching carefully as within a second the wound has healed up and a barrier formed of shields circle her. Yet you have no more time as Blitzcrank's hand grabs you from the sides and yanks you into the duo. Fortune fires bullets into you, pain searing hot through your body. You can't give up now though, you must help Jinx. 

You start to run away, doing anything to keep grip of the last strands of life yet they continue to chase you. There is only one thing to do to get to Jinx standing safely under the tower's watchful gaze. With an almighty push you flash yourself forward and are by her side in a blink of an eye. She looks at you and a single tear rolls down her cheek. 

"I'm so sorry," she whispers, "They made me do it."

All you can manage is a nod as you wait for your astral blessing, the healing spell to warm up in your blood again and be ready to mend your bloody body. Only 15 seconds now but Jinx starts moving forward to attack and you know you must follow. The blood drips down your leg and is instantly soaked into the floor. The summoners never like to see their champions hurt. 

Fortune, distracted with slaughtering the minions, turns to face Jinx running up. She mouths the word "no" but Jinx can't stop her feet in time as Blitzcrank's hand comes out the bush and yanks her in. You run as fast as you can to her and silence Fortune as she starts shooting. There is no hope though as Jinx is battered by both of them and you turn and flee before the same fate is dealt to you.

You pant under the tower, your astral blessing spell ready and use it on yourself. If only if it had been ready back when Jinx was being pummelled. You bet the summoner controlling her is upset but they have no clue what she is going through right now. If the actual murder hadn't been painful enough the pain of being brought back to life is torture. First you go to this entirely black room where magic is injected into your body and it runs through your veins. It's a searing hot burning sensation that goes all over your body until your system accepts it and starts healing. Then you are cut up into tiny particles and flown back to the base where you're put back together, ready to fight at their pleasure again. The time it takes to do this process depends on how late into the game you are at your death, the more time, the more exhausted you are and that makes your body more tired and resistant to the magic. You hate that place more than the warehouse.

Even though you have used your spell on yourself you are not fully healed and your minions are still pretty even on each side. Jinx has respawned and is half-way to the tower. She should be fine for a bit on her own you think. What do you wanna do?

The End

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