You twirl the staff in your hand and watch as your minions rush past you, ready to fight. You feel for those guys, you really do. They know they will die no matter what, they mean nothing to the summoners, just numbers and money. They're tiny and never speak, all they do is fight to the best of their abilities and ultimately get slaughtered. Your blue minions are furry with spiked masks and armour, carrying shields, maces and wands. It does make you think where they come from and why they are willing to fight even though it means their certain death.

After the first load of minions have gone past and started fighting the opposing purple hooded ones you look at your ADC, Jinx. Jinx is fairly new and in your group you know her as 'the loose cannon'. She's a bit nuts and loves her explosions. In this battle she's wearing the clothes she came here in, a purple and black ensemble including a bikini top, shorts, stockings, boots and tons of belts. Her long blue plaited hair flows behind her and she sprints into the oncoming minions wave, blasting at them with 'Pow-Pow', her machine gun. 

Then you catch sight of their ADC, Miss Fortune. You all know why the summoners especially like her and you know it's not just because of her skill. She is drop dead gorgeous with her tumbling cascades of red hair and voluptuous breasts held tight in a leather and cotton top ending high above her flat stomach. Fortune also has tight leather pants which show off her figure and her twin pistols called 'Shock' and 'Awe'. She uses them now to blast at your blue minions, picking them off one by one.

You move forward to lower purple minion health to help Jinx on her count when a golden fist flashes out of a bush to grab you. Luckily it misses, just inches from your body and retracts back into the bush. Well now you know who you're up against as Blitzcrank strolls out into the daylight. A team of doctoral students from Zaun's College of Techmaturgy made this 'Great Steam Golem' and what a wonder he was to behold. He can be lethal in a battle though as his rocket grab can catch you unexpected and pull you into an onslaught of beatings from not only him but other champs too. 

Jinx suddenly takes a hit from Fortune and her health drops dramatically, you can see her hold her side even though the wound bleeds profusely. Out the corner of your eye you see Blitzcrank coming up to attack her too. You now have a choice...

The End

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