Attack Damage CarryMature

You know carrying your team is a big job but it is the role you have been assigned. You have been clinging to Pow-Pow this entire run down the lane, the weight already heavy on your arms as well as Fishbones strapped to your back. Those are the names of your minigun and rocket launcher, selected by whoever brought you here.

As the minions crawl up beside you the first glimpse of the enemy ADC is shown. Sarah, called here as Miss Fortune, wearing her most common outfit of tight leather trousers and a crop top completed with her pirate hat and pistols. She was a very good looking champion come to think of it but you couldn't stand there and gawp, she was your enemy. 

The minions roll on past and she starts blasting them down. It still disgusts you to watch them be slaughtered and have to murder them yourselves but you've been able to control your nausea a lot better since you first started. You pull the trigger on Pow-Pow and start a hail of rain into the oncoming enemy minions. 

Your support stands by your side, Soraka. You still wonder how a celestial being such as her got dragged into this entire mess. All the champions know how hard it is on her especially, she hates violence more than anything and only wants to help her comrades. Her magic was intended for blessing others and healing them but she is also forced to damage them and you can see that every time she does it chips away at her soul.

Suddenly a hand leaps out from a bush and grasps you around your waist, yanking you into the leaves. No time to panic, what do you do?

The End

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