You get dragged by unknown forces from the warehouse along with the other 4 into separate square boxes. Opposite you 5 other weary champions stand in boxes and stare blankly into space. Back when the game started you would snarl and taunt one another but you are all bored of it, knowing what is to come you prefer to retain your strength. Occasionally when new champions are brought in and have got used to the initial scare of the warehouse they might try to get you into an argument within the boxes but after a couple of rounds they too just give in to the blank stares.

Each of your boxes are slowly lowered into land, depending on where the summoners wish you to fight. Some of you get there faster than others but it all depends on the summoner and you have to wait for everyone to be fully lowered in. The 4 champions you came with and yourself start at one end while the 5 opposite go to the other. 

Now the time has come, everyone has been lowered and you stand on your base. The floor is grey slabs forming a circle, each with a runic carving from which a glowing blue light emits. On the side is the usual Manbacionian shopkeeper surrounded by his barrels of wares that you would inevitably end up buying to help you throughout the battle.

Enough time looking around though, it is time for you to fight.

The End

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