Champion SelectMature

You are a champion within the League of Legends. After countless summonings and battling for those unknown you have had enough and are to go on an extraordinary adventure to free yourselves and your fellow champions.

You stand in the warehouse again side-by-side with the others. Pitch blackness surrounds you and chokes back any noises. You can hear the timer ticking by and the anticipation is thick in the air. Suddenly a spotlight beams down upon you and 4 others. Sometimes the lights go off and others are selected yet the ticking keeps going. It is your duty to make your catchphrase every time you are selected and your throat is sore from this duty. There is never a break in your work, a slave to the summoners.
Time ebbs further into the lower digits and chains circle the wrists of others already locked in. As the timer drains to a halt another one starts in its place and the chains circle your own tired hands. It is time for the summoners to pick the masteries and runes which will help you throughout the battle and as they scroll, you find strengths and weaknesses flow through your veins.
The timer stops and the sound rings out. The battle begins.

The End

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