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A young boy was murder, his body placed on his school bus. When his body is found there are tons of cryptic clues lying inside of his body. Only thing is none of them lead to a single people. As the story progress more and more people become involved and more people end up dead. Is there a way to stop this deadly cycle before it destroys everyone?

June 12, 2012


The abrupt screeching of the alarm clock jerked Judy awake. Sitting up she slammed her fist against the clock and slid out of bed. The instant she was separated from the warmth of her bed, the cold air assailed her naked skin. Shivering she grabbed her robe and yanked it on. She glanced at the clock. It was 4:45. Sighing she walked into the bathroom to get ready for the long day ahead.

The bus was she was in charge of was 85. People called her bus the unlucky bus because the digits added up to 13. Indeed today was very unlucky. She pulled out of the lot and got into the lane that lead her to her first stop. Again she looked at the clock. It was 8:47. That morning she jogged around the block, took out the trash, hung the clothes out to dry and did the dishes. She was beat before her first pickup, but that was life. Picking up brats and dropping them off was routine.

Judy had few talents, but she did pride herself in her intuition and sense of smell. Growing up in a family that loved to cook, she was taught to point out the scents, flavors and elements in a dish. Of course she didn’t live up to her parents expectations. Sometimes she wished she had taken the job at her parents’ restaurant. They were always willing to give it to her, “When you get tired of the day job,” They’d say. She’d always politely decline, but that part of her was already growing frail and she began to ache for the familiar smell of her parents’ cooking.


There was an odd odor coming from the back of the bus. However Judy brushed this off as perhaps the odor of a new cleaning agent or something. She breezed through the first five stops but as she reached the sixth stop her heart began to pound. Among the children on it was a boy called Ouji. He was no ordinary 5th grader. He had the presence of someone older, someone who had seen great sorrow and great pain. When submitted to his ominous stare she felt herself falling in his perfect black eyes. Once again she was reminded of the worst moments in her life; when her puppy named Melody died, when her cousin raped her, when she broke her foot, when her great aunt died. It was as if he himself was sorrow. She despised his presence and there was times when she wished him dead.

When she reached the corner she glanced out expecting to see him standing there with that blank stare of his. He always talked to the same two boys, his brother Renji and another named Sirius. The other two were about as intimidating as Ouji. She hated them for that, hated herself more for being scared of children not even half her age. She opened the doors and watched like a hawk for him.

Ouji wasn’t there. His two companions looked rather upset. No that wasn’t a good word; nowhere near close. They always sat in the back of the bus. The back—se remembered that was where the odd smell was coming from. She thought nothing of it and went onward to the last stop of the morning. All of a sudden a horrid shriek cut through the noise. Everything in her yells that something is wrong. She hears sobbing and crying and pulls to sudden stop. Judy rips herself from her seat and cross to the back in moments. The sight she finds is like no other. There is Ouji before her; lying in the back seat of the bus. Only he isn’t really human anymore. His limbs are cut off leaving crude nubs of appendages.  His tongue is missing—a pool of blood is dripping out of his mouth. There is a hole in his chest—his heart must have been pulled out. His stomach is sliced out and his intestines strewn out onto the floor like sausage links. His eyes are still intact and they look up at her. Her heart stops beating and she feels faint. She only fainted once in her life and that was when she learned her great aunt had died. Now was not the time to be fainting.

“Everyone, get on now!” She cried, tears in her voice. They all ran out of the bus and she immediately called the cops. She then contacted another bus and asked them to pick up her last stop and then swing by and get the get the kids with her. She told that what had happened and then waited outside with the students.

Suddenly the smell was obvious and she couldn’t understand why she didn’t realize before. What’s worse was that it was far in June and the temperate was sky high. She again looked at Renji and Sirius. She now knew what word described the looks in their eyes. Terror.

It felt like forever before the cops showed up. She told them that no one touched the body. She asked all of the children if that had and they swore they hadn’t. They were too scared to. Of course what could be more horrid than a corpse…more so the corpse of a young boy. The ambulance was there as well and they took Ouji’s body away. They took a little while because the body was in pieces. The bus was taken under possession for more evidence. Judy’s body began to shake violently and cry—no she was sobbing. Why was she distraught over a boy who she knew nothing of? Then she remembered.

It was on a Monday morning after she had come back from bereavement. He had come up to her and patted her on the shoulder. She looked and over and gave a start.  It was Ouji. He had the same stare but something was different. “Someone in your family had passed. Your great aunt,” he asked. No she had only thought it was a question. That was what she told herself.  Even if he had asked her, he couldn’t have known to. He didn’t ask. He simply said, “Your great aunt,”

“Yes,” she had said, thinking it was an inquiry. “Why’d do ask?”

“She came to me last night and told me that she was sorry,” what was he talking about? She was going to tell him to mind his own business, but something inside her told her to just listen to him. “She didn’t mean to lose the ring you gave her. She couldn’t pass on because of her grief. She asked me to give it to you because she knew you’d take care of it.” He pulled something out of his pocket, and handed it to her. There it was the ring she had given her great aunt on her 83th birthday five years ago. It was at a picnic in Maine where her great aunt grew up. They were having a reunion as well because everyone wanted to celebrate that time. She had saved up six months’ worth of allowance to get the present for her great aunt. Some of her friends thought she was crazy but she ignored them. Her mother was never really there because she was so passionate about her the family restaurant. It was her great aunt who had tended to her, out her twenty cousins, she was her favorite. She had picked out a rose quartz ring, carved into the shape of a rose’ the band was 8k gold. It was a pretty penny and she had it to spend. Nothing was too good for her great aunt.

The look on her grand aunt’s face when she opened it was one she had been hoping for. Her eyes went wide and she cried. She was so happy and had promised to take care of it always.


She promised.

“Thank you,” she had said. He smiled at her for the first time. His eyes gleamed and his facial expression, gentle. There was a glint in his eyes too, almost like deep in those obsidian eyes, was a rainbow.


The body was in the ambulance and was already pulling away. That’s when the bus come and took the kids. The police, knowing the kids were now safe, took Judy with them to the station—just for questioning. Judy’s eyes began to feel heavy and she realized how long it was since she took her last breath. This time she didn’t feel the need to fight the sleep. She relaxed and let her vision fade into black…

The End

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