The Last Stand

Tom saw Vasily dead on the ground, lying there with the snow soaked in blood beneath him.  There was no time to think about it. He grabbed the pistol and hid behind a dumpster, ready for the worst-case scenario. I thought this was the worst case scenario, Tom thought. I can't hear and I'm surrounded by Russian commandos. This is like Azerbaijan all over again.  An Mi-6 Russian helicopter (not the agency, the chopper), "hook" in NATO-speak, landed in front of him. A dozen Spetsnaz soldiers pour out of the hook, obviously with headsets that cancel out the siren frequency.  From behind the dumpster, Tom jumps out and shoots two soldiers, then dives behind a jeep.  A Spetsnaz rolls a grenade under the jeep, so Tom can't grab it, and Tom dives back to the dumpster. He sees a spetsnaz unprotectedand fires, sending the Spetsnaz flying into the chopper's jet turbine. Tom feels the heat from the hook exploding, and sees the propeller fly over him into a tower. The alarm stops.

"WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!" The rescue team's commander said. "Hello to you, sir. I guess you're the point behind all of this."

" I would guess that too. My name's Tom. Who are you?"

"John Marson. What the hell happened to you?"

"It's just a burn. They used some kind of electric weapon on me." Tom said. "So, you're an agent too?"

"Yeah. Ican pass for a commander though, right?" John said.

"Perfectly. You had me fooled until you started talking in sign."

And then the bomb went off.

The End

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