Jailbreak 2

John grabbed his favorite hunting rifle and aimed it at the door. A Russian ran out and John fired at the him a few times, and then the russian dived behind a truck. The agent they were looking for came out of the door, and the Russian got up from behind the jeep. The russian's head snapped back, and he fell in the snow. The air raid siren stopped.

"What the hell?" John said.

"I guess it was hooked up to that russian. I don't know why the hell they would do that." Stake said.

"Russians are dumba----" An alarm went off. It was like a fire alarm mixed with police sirens and a really high whistle that made it impossible to hear. The agent started showing John the simplified NATO sign language that only agents could know.

'SOUNDS LIKE DISABLING SIREN. HEARD OF IT AT AGENCY' the agent said. Saying NO KIDDING just would have been a waste, John thought.

'PRECEDES ATTACK?' John said. He wondered what Stake was thinking. When he looked over, Stake was on the ground in a fetal position, covering his ears.   So much for the most battle-hardened soldier around, John thought.

'INVARIABLY' Mike said. Mike knew the language? he must have worked under NATO before. John's hair hurt from the wind.

There wasn't wind before,  John thought. He looked up and saw the helicopters surrounding him.

The End

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