Tom awoke a few hours later, feeling a little lightheaded. He meandered off into his room, where Vasily was waiting for him.

"So, did you tell the truth this time?" Vasily asked him.

"Do you promise not to use that thing on me again?" Tom asked.

"Sure. Just tell the truth." Vasily replied.

"More of the truth this time, but I kind of fell asleep. Truth serum?"

"How did you know?" Vasily asked astonishly.

"Well, MI6 isn't a completly stupid group of agents, though sometimes it seems like that."

"I see... Oh right, I forgot. I had to give you something. Here you go Tom." Vasily said as he handed Tom a Colt .45.

"Wha- What's this for?" Tom stammered.

"Like you said, MI6 isn't completely stupid."

The End

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