Second Story

"Well, since we've gone through a lot of trouble, let's have another story."

"Alright, I'll start right now then," Tom said under the influence of the truth serum they put in his food, "As I said before, Addison got me out of the main office and into the field. However, you caught me on the part about the fight. There is no plausible way or reason an entire floor of MI6 agents would start arguing about religion and get into a fight. Nothing but soccer could do that.  Anyways, my first mission was a basic one. I was to get to observe your people at the embassy. They logged me in as a guard, because the break room was across the hallway from the meeting room. Of course, I had to look drunk from the cheap vodka they left there. I didn't get much from there, because of all the codes you used. However, I did get one important fact that bounced me up one rank and a new mission. Your general was on a surprise inspection of the embassy, probably to check if the walls were still made completely of wire and recording devices. He got some better vodka, and he decided to give a drop of it with the one guard who wasn't drunk, who was me. Pretty soon there was only one person sober in this room again, and he was telling stories of back when he was just a minor secretary for a minor officer. I managed to get the news of the..."

"The what?" the woman asked. But Tom was already unconcious. The truth serum reworked the neurons temporarily, and when it wore off the brain had problems connecting again, causing some people to become unconcious. She knew this, and frowned. The serum couldn't be used too many times on him then, because he would get a stroke after a few times. She left him to sleep in his seat.

The End

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