Meanwhile, Tom was eating his steak and biscuits. He let out a burp right when the bomb hit.

"Jesus, what do you put in this food?" Tom asked Vasily. But Vasily was already off to find the source of the explosion.

"Well, looks like I'm alone again." Then he leaned against the door, and it swung open, leaving him sprawled on the ground.

"I guess Vasily is more drunk than I thought." Tom looked around, and seeing no one, dashed across the hall. He kept following the hallway's twists and turns, and just as he reached a junction, he heard gunshots coming from a hallway.

"But which one to take?" he asked himself. He looked around and chose the left corridor. It turned out to be the right one because there was a gaping hole there. He was right about to charge outside when he felt a gun pressed to his head.

"And where do you think you're going?" the interrogator asked.

"Just thought that I'd take a stroll through the building." Tom replied.

"Then let's take a stroll back to you're room."

The End

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