Jailbreak 1


Agent John Marson looked out of the side of the helicopter and saw the marks that the old T-34 tank made in the snow not too long ago. He told the pilot to follow them to their end.

            “How’d this guy get caught, Sir?” said Stake. Stake was the most battle-hardened, toughest soldier boy that John could find and wasn’t missing a foot. That was the trick there, wasn’t it? John asked himself.

            “I don’t know. All I know is that he’s like a brother to the Director’s son, and he’s one of our best agents right now. We can’t lose all of our spies, you know. And dammit, quit calling me Sir!” John said. Stake nodded and started to clean his gun. “Why the hell are you doing that now?” John asked.

            “These things jam a whole helluva lot, Sir,” Stake said. John shook his head.

            “We’ve found the place, Commander.” The pilot said. John about hit him for calling him Commander, and then he realized that those were his orders.  Agents aren’t allowed to be agents outside of any NATO headquarters or outpost. John, Stake, and some guy who hadn’t said a goddamn thing all this time got out.

            “Who the hell are you?” John asked. The guy nodded to him.

            “That’s Mike Semnal. He’s one man you do not screw with. He made a helmet out of twenty different skulls once, and he hasn’t added the spikes yet.” The pilot said.

            “Hot damn! What does this guy have for lunch, human?”

            “Whatever’s in front of me.” Mike said. “If human fits in the category, then so be it.” John had no idea whether that was a joke or not. An air raid siren went off.

            “We’ve got company, boys. Eddie, light ‘er up!” John said. Eddie, the guy in the fighter-bomber however many miles up, deployed the smart bomb. In the distance, the bomb blew a mother of a hole in the building.

The End

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