The two hung his arms from the ceiling. Then they started to whip him with brushes. After about 10 minutes, Tom's back and stomach were too pained to ignore anymore. He let out a cry, and the pair stopped. They removed him from the ceiling, and placed on the chair in the interrogation room. For another few minutes, there was silence. Tom sat, too numbed to think, yet to anxious to not.

"All right Mr. Bagely, lets put some truth into this file. And no more lies please. We both know that the KGB knows a lot more than your silly little MI6 or CIA knows." 

"Well you get what you paid for, and you didn't do a thing for the first story."

"Shut up! I don't want you wasting anymore time! I will use everything in my power to find out what you were doing in a Soviet base in North Vietnam!"

"Well then you tell me how I got out of Vietnam." Tom said. He was replied with 10 watts of electricity.

"Don't talk back to me! I will 'shock' you with how much power I wield!" the interrogator screamed.

"And I will amaze you with how much electricity I can take." Tom replied.

After another 20 minutes of electrical shocks of various degrees in various places, Tom finally surrendered.

"All right fine. I've taunted you for a while and I've had my fun. I guess I should give you a little something for your trouble."

The End

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