The Air Raid

A siren sounded. Tom woke up to see what it was, and then he recognized the sound for what it was: an air raid siren. Tom jumped out of the bed and slammed himself against the bars.

“Hey! Let me out!” he said. An explosion sounded in the distance. The only thing audible above the siren was a clacking sound, footsteps from high-heels. Another bomb exploded, shaking the whole building.

“If you want out, you’ll have to give me some information,” a woman said. A twenty-ish looking woman walked in front of the cell. “Now.”

“What? This is insane! We’ll both die if a bomb hits this place!” Tom said.

“Well, you’ll have to hurry then,” the woman said.

“Alright, alright. Look, I was sent here to infiltrate the Viet Cong,” he said. He saw that she was startled when he said Viet Cong, and figured that he was not in Vietnam after all. “After a while, I ended up in Cam…” he trailed off.  It’s all a trick! This place isn’t even being bombed! I almost fell for it, it’s just so damned unusual! Sneaky bastards! He thought.“No, I get what you’re doing here.” He said.

“Vasily, get the Agonizer. We’ll break you, Mr. Bagely, One way or another,” she said.

What? They know my real name! How did they do that? Tom thought. Vasily opened the door, and took out a piece of plastic the size of a dollar bill.

“This time, Mister Bagely, the truth,” Vasily said, and jabbed the plastic into his neck.

The End

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