A Break

"So then what happened?" asked the interrogator.

"That," Tom said, "is for another story."

"Well then, seeing how it is time for lunch, I will go get myself a sandwich. Vasily will escort you to your room." Just then, the drone of bombers appeared.

"Oh no, not again. Eh, I guess that sandwich will have to wait. Now get to your room." The interrogator left, and Tom got a brief glance at his interrogator. He saw little, but he saw enough to confirm his interrogator was a woman.

Vasily escorted him out of the room and into the hallway. Immediately, the pounding of flak guns and the launches of SAM rockets were heard.

"Ach, stupid Americans. Can't they stay in their own part of Vietnam?" cried Vasily.

So we are in Vietnam Tom thought to himself.

Tom arrived at his room and was given another bowl of cold Valium-laced gruel. He slurped it down quickly and went to sleep.

The End

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