The First Story

I began spying for MI6 when I was 21. My parents, God help them, still thought I was in Oxford. I began as any spy did: at a desk. I took the information that real spies got, and gave it to the real office people to connect. Since this story is free, I won't explain it in detail. However, I will explain the two big events that freed me from a desk. The first and less important one was that my parents died. My father died as a drunk. They had to find out I wasn't actually at Oxford eventually, and they thought that they had wasted their lives. My mother died in a car accident. She was actually on her way to the funeral. I don't miss them all too much though, because they always pushed me to do 168 hours worth of work in five. Anyways, I no longer had to be afraid that my parents were going to force me out of the service, because that would mean really going to Oxford. I began to actually socialize with the other desk workers, which brings me to the second reason. One day, I was arguing with one of the actual spies about the monarchy. Somehow or another, it got about all the people on the floor together, and soon the people were betting their crowns and shillings about nothing at all. Then the whole mob just started to attack each other, and I panicked. I tried to run away, but I ran right into another person. We introduced ourselves to each other and had a nice chat, despite the circumstances. His name is Addison Howe. He was the director's son. He requested that we get trained and on the field. His request was granted immediately.

The End

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