The Last Stand

Tom Bagely, a spy for NATO, has been caught red-handed and knows he is going to be tortured until he talks. And in 1970's Soviet Russia, that means it will not be very humane. Read his tales he tells about how and why he became a spy.

Tom Bagely lay down on his hard cell bed after a bland meal of thin gruel.

"How did I get into this?" he sighed to the hidden microphone.

"Where did I go wrong?" he asked himself, knowing exactly where that was.

"Well, at least I know they put Valium in my food. I can escape from this for a few hours." Tom awoke to the rough shaking of his guard, Vasily.

"Vake up Tom. Is time for interrogation," he said, his voice slurred.

"So how much you drink now, eh Vasily?" responded Tom. He was answered with a knock on the head.

"None of your beesness. Now get up!" Tom went only as fast as he needed to be to not get beaten again. He was within the interrogation chamber within a few minutes. His interrogator was hidden in the darkness at the other end of the room.

"So Tom," the mysterious man said in fluent English, "what a pleasure to meet you and your tiny file. Lets make the file a little thicker, shall we?"

"Oh, you're going to get a thick file alright. You're going to get one, but you're going to have to fight for every page, word, and letter in it. And since this seems like it's going to be a challenge for you, I'll give you one for free."

The End

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