Locked in

We sat there for what seemed hours. Jay sat right next to me while Livy paced.

"Well, who'ver saved us ain't comin' to get us out of 'ere!" she said dozens of times.

"We are doomed," said Jay.

I placed a hand on his shoulder wishing I could just hug him right then and there. He stared at me with his green eyes. A smiled fanned across his pale lips.

"I just wish us two could..."

"Could what?"


"Well, aww," Livy said softly.

We sat there. No door. Nothing. Stuck here forever.

"Well," I said, "we might as well make noise. Last time it saved us. Music is possible to make without instruments and such. All music has not disappeared. We ourselves are capable of making it."

I started to bang on the metal walls again and Livy started to hum some random tune. Jay smile and stomped. We started to make some kind of rhythym. And suddenly a small opening formed in the wall. It was big enough for all of us of to go through one by one. I had a feeling of intuition that the ultimate was in the room right next to us.

"I'll go first," Livy said. Livy was brave and confident. I liked that about her.

One by one we squeezed in through the hole and stared in wonder. We were not locked in anymore. Not just in the room, but in ourselves. We realized that even though the ultimate Humble One stood before us... we had our own stength inside. We had just found the key.

I stepped forward. It was not a thing. It was a she.

"Yes!" she said, her voice booming.

"I'm Mercy. Mercy Servins," I said, suddenly feeling confident.

"You are here for?"


"Aaah. No one has approached me like this. Music is... wonderful."

"It is? Then why did you ban it? From the surface of the Earth?"

"As Mr. Benson had told you, it is wonderful. But it has a dark side. I did not want the tears to form in people's eyes when they heard a melancholy song. I wanted everyone to be happy."

"But without music everyone is sad! No one can sing. Or listen."

"Mercy, you know that you can. Music is not gone. You just need to find it. You are the one who said that you can make your own music. All you need to do is to that. I'm not saying that you cannot make music. You can. You are able to. It your own will. You want pain... indulge it. You want melody... hear it. The people of this Earth have no mind of their own. The Humble Ones may be powerful, but people have to use their own heads. I did say: 'Music is banned.' I just said so that people can actually take a risk standing up to the Humble Ones. Music is banned. But I guess it's not. You are smart. You realized that you can make your own music if you put your mind to it. If music was banned... now... you wouldn't here a noise. Everything is music."

"Thank you. I guess that we had been living in a shadow. So, that's it?"

"Yes. Music... technically is banned... but it is not."

The Humble Ones are truly humble. I smiled, knowing that musis had always been here. This simple visit. All that we had been through led to this simple visit. This simple visit which opened me. We were not locked in ourselves anymore.

The End

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