A Secret is Unveiled

"What the hell?!" screamed Jay in panic.

"Bang on the walls!" Livvy shouted. She began to hammer on the metal with her fists. In response the wall clanged and chimed with the sonorous echo of solid metal.

It was hopeless I saw. We had no chance of stopping the walls through hitting them. The strange thing was that the sound of Livvy's frantic pummelling was really affecting me. The sounds made me feel angry, frustrated and my sense of panic exploded- or maybe that was a natural response to my situation.

"What are you doing?!" I ask Livvy. I notice that Jay has joined in with her in banging the walls although he seems to be participating more out of helplessness than Livy who seemed to be driven by some unknown purpose.

"I'm tryin' ter make us heard! If this is a mistake then they've got ‘ter know we're here an' if they're tryin’ to murder us then they'd never do it if the whole building knew what was happening would they? Now we don't have time to talk. Help me!"

I wasn't convinced. I didn't know what was happening but I suppose I most definitely thought we were alone.

I did join in soon after. The walls were getting closer and we were now back to back and being forced closer together. 

There was a moment when I stopped hitting the wall and turned and looked at Jay. At the same time he looked at me with a sad look on his face.

He squeezed my hand.

Then we returned to our work with more terrible frustration than before. Our fists ached and we kicked and elbowed the walls instead. The clamours were like mighty bells.  

Just when I was beginning to imagine the pain and anguish we would suffer when the walls finally clenched their fists around us there was a shaky stalling sound of machinery like an answer to our calling. The walls stopped moving. "There what did ah tell yer?" asked Livy, although she was too uncertain to really smile convincingly.  "Somebody up there's on our side!"

But we didn't find out who this helper was for some time. Looking back, I think this was the first time we really discovered the real secret.

"You know..." I said suddenly. I hit my fist against the wall once more. The sound rang for a few seconds, resonated, and then dimmed again. "Maybe...we can make our own music..."

The End

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