Into The Smoke

Roaming the streets of London, I realized that Livy was still talking about her annoying siblings. She talked about her apartment and grandparents. Well, she was from the city. But I was glad she was willing to help.

London, or The Smoke as Livy called it, was beautiful. People were everywhere. The buildings looked so grand and elegant. I loved the smell of tea and the foggy streets. I was in love with England already.    

"Ya know," Livy said, "I am glad y'guys are doin' this. Y'know my ma used t'listen this thing y'call music. She misses it e'er so dearly."

We smiled.

"Well, Livy," I said, "Tell your mother that she will hopefully get her sweet music back. Tell her that there is hope."

"I will," Livy said tearing up. "Thanks."

"Wait here," Livy said, suddenly stopping in front of a large building.  Livy went inside. I heard a faint mumbling.

"Well," Livy said coming out, "y'almost 'ere. Just a couple blocks."

Suddenly, Livy had become quiet. Did something happen in the building we just stopped at? From my best judgement, she just went in there to ask directions. Jay and I whispered faintly about Livy's sudden quietness and then stopped when she suddenly spoke.

"Well, 'ere y'are." She pointed to a building with a smoky surrounding. The building was larger than the one in U.S. and it seemed to go above the clouds. It had ebony doors, instead of friendly glass, and no windows.  I motioned for Livy to come in with us. A hole formed in my stomach. I had a bad feeling about this. I felt that there was something waiting in there.

Waiting for us.

The End

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