We Need to Find the Branch

I had a terrible dream that night; I don't remember details, but a distant voice called out to me, and I couldn't do anything to help it.  The voice was all at once close, and I bolted upright.

"Who's there?" I hissed.

A slight girl a bit older than myself perched at the end of my bed, her eyes wide with apprehension.  She raised a finger to her lips to keep me quiet.

"The boat's landed, I'll talk to you out on the dock," she whispered before ducking under the bed.

That's weird, I thought.  I would've investigated, but Uncle Harold was pounding on the hatch door.

"Bring up your stuff, we're here!"

I met Jay up on the deck; he looked just as confused as I felt.

"Did you see-?" he began, gesturing towards the cabins.  I nodded.

"Well, thank you for the ride Uncle Harold," I mumbled.

"Anytime, Mercy, anytime!" he thundered.  It always seemed like he shouted whenever he spoke, probably a habit from yelling over the motor and the roar of the ocean.  "Best of luck to ya!"  He made sure we were all set, then took off.

Jay and I stepped onto the busy dock.  He started to lean against a tower of crates when that girl popped out from behind them.  Jay nearly toppled over.

"Sorry 'bout that," she said, "I had t'stow away.  I ove'eahd your situation, and thought y'might need a bit of 'elp."

"You followed us?"

"I didn' jus'appeah outteh d'groun', now did I?" she asked indignantly.  "But yes, I did follow you, 'er specific'ly."  She gestured to me.  "'Eard all about your problem; she wants t'know 'bout music, she needed 'elp, you came with'r, got the boat, an'now 'ere y'are.  Oh, an' if I may make a suggestion," she lowered her voice to a whisper.  "I wouldn't go 'round tellin' people what you're doin'; th' 'Umble Ones may be 'umble, but they're a lot more pow'rful than you think.  It'd rouse 'spicion, I'd think."

"That's not the only thing rousing suspicion," Jay muttered.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Livy.  Livy Idle," she answered proudly, shaking both our hands firmly.

"You're from here?"

"If y'mean England when y'say ' 'ere,' then yes I am.  Figured y'could use a bit of 'elp with a 'ometown advantage."

Jay was about to turn it down, but I pulled him aside for a moment.  "Jay, think about it: she's offering to help, she'd know where to go around here.  Who knows?  Sounds like she'd know where to help us look to find the ultimate Humble One and stay out of trouble."

He sighed.  "Oh, alright.  But if this goes wrong, don't say I didn't tell you so."

I nodded to Livy.  "Alright, you can help us.  This is Jay, by the way, and I'm Mercy."

She shook our hands again.  "Right, well.  Let's be off!"

The End

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