How do we travel to the Olde World?

"So, he won't help us?" asked Jay.

"Yeah, he won't..."

"Well, I guess we could just look around..."

Jay sat down on a leather couch and sighed. He put his hands on his knees and went into deep thought. I walked around and saw men walking here and there. Once in a while, I saw my father. I waved to him, but he didn't even notice me.

Well, obviously the United States' Humble Ones were of no help. We could give other countries a try. I mean we had the whole world. Mrs. Kerk had said England was where the ultimate Humble One would most likely be. I guess that was our first stop. Forget about North America...

"Okay," I said as I walked toward Jay. "We're gonna have to get to England... the only question is how?"

"Well, obviously we can't book a ticket right now. All the air taxis are stubborn and won't take us to England... and we don't actually have a license since now they changed the age to 19, not 17. So pretty much... we have a boat."

"Boat it is than. This is the future isn't it? They're much faster these days! So we'll make it..."

"I trust you."

I smiled and we headed out of the building.

"Wait... we should get some brochures... maybe they have maps of the Humble Ones Branch locations."

Jay ran back in and came back with a bunch of maps and brochures.

"Yup, they have maps and brochures."

"Now, we need to get a air taxi at least to take us to the docks."

I looked up and saw dozens of them whizzing past the people on the ground. Jay and I screamed and jumped for one until finally a crappy one came down.

"Good enough."

We got in smiling since we got something accomplished.

"To the docks."

The driver smiled and asked, "Taking your girl out on a boat ride?"

"No, we have to get to England to find the ultimate Humble One," Jay said blushing.

"Whoa, well good luck with that."

When we got there, I handed the driver money and headed off.

"Thanks," Jay called.

"Your welcome! Good luck!"

Jay and I walked by and found the boat we were looking for.

"You sure it's this one?" he asked.

"Yeah... it's crappy looking, but I know this guy. My mom's brother."

"Oh, cool..."


"Hey Mercy!" called uncle Harold.

"Hey Uncle Harold. It's been a while..." I said.

"You need a boat ride with your boy?"

"No, we have to get to England to find the ultimate Humble One," I said blushing this time.

"Well, good luck with that..."

"Um... how long?"

"About a day or two... boats these days go fast as hell!"

"Yeah... yeah they do."

"Well get in! Gertrude's got a brand new polish."

Gertrude... sailors' have to have a name for boat and by night time, we'll be forced to sing songs and eat raw fish.

It was not night time. Uncle Harold was going on some tangin of how Gertrude was not a fishing boat... but a ship that once belonged to some goddess.

Like I said, we ate fish... raw fish... ok... sushi. But we did sing some random song. Well at least, Uncle Harry did.

"Ok, kids. We'll be there in about 10 hours. Get some sleep. Told you the boats go fast these days!"

Jay and I went to separate rooms and slept all the way to England.

The End

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