Again to Mr. Benson

"You want what?"

I explained again.

Mr. Benson looked at me carefully. He looked at me as if his scruity was examining every individual hair and milimetre of skin and then even remembering them.

"I don't think you quite understand Mercy..." Mr. Benson said. "The humble ones are natrually humble. There is no one in charge as such. Yes, I am  a leader and leadership can be done humbly however what guides every humble one is the quiet voice within our minds. Forget about music Mercy, there are other things worth listening to. Listen to the truth. Music can drown that truth. I am at peace now, and look where it has brought me. Look where it has brought the world."

"But..." I begin.

"I think that's enough for now. Your young imagination is carrying you away with it. You don't know music. What I showed you was soft. You don't yet know its darker side. I'll walk you to the door. Don't worry you can come back any day and we'll talk about it."

Without meaning to I realise I'd allowed him to escort me out of his office into the waiting room where my new friend was waiting expecting better news than I had to give him.


The End

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