I Meet Someone New

"I listened to music," I said.

Mrs. Kerk stopped.

"You did!? How? When?"

"I went to the Branch located nearby yesterday and met Mr. Benson, the head of the Humble Ones. I asked him, and he put a melody so sweet my heart melted like it was ade of wax."

"Mr. Benson! You went to the most powerful Humble Ones Branch in the world! Wow, kid, I gotta say you got guts."

"Yeah, I was about to ask you something. You know how Mr. Benson is the most powerful man in the world?"

"Yeah. And?"

"Well, he's not. At least, I don't think he is."

"What the heck do you mean?"

"I saw the misery in his eyes when he played the melody. It was like he was burning inside. He was dying. He yearned for more. I could tell he was cautious when he played the melody. There is something controlling him. Someone unknown to us. But I could tell he was afraid."

"I see. Let me guess, you want to find the thing controlling him. But let me tell you, just because the United States has the most powerful Branch with the head of the Humble Ones, doesn't mean that the thing controlling Mr. Benson is here. The most rich and flourishing country is... well... England. The thing controlling him must be located there. Unless, he is located elsewhere, I do not know. But let's just say, finding him cannot be narrowed down."

"I know. But I'm still giving it a try. And I'm gonna ask you something... will you come with me? I mean to find the thing?"

"I would certainly like to, but, sadly I cannot. I'm getting old and I wouldn't be able to make it through the journey. But I could ask someone for you."


"My nephew. He is 17, only a couple months older than you. His name is Jay. He is curious about music, and I'm sure he'll be ready to accompany you."

"Okay well... thanks."

The next day, I went to Mrs. Kerk's house to meet Jay. He was standing next to his aunt wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. He was very handsome with his pale peachish skin, green eyes, tall lean body, and black hair. Not that I was 'examining' him or anything. I put a strand of loose long honey hair behind my ears. My blue eyes looked up at him and he smiled.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Jay Griffins."

"I'm Mercy Servins."

"Well, you two have to talk about your trip. I baked some cookies. Be right back. Take a seat on the couch."

I sat down bashfully on the loveseat and slowly sat right next to me. We talked about the reason for all of this and what we were going to do.

"So, you wanna find the ultimate head of the Humble Ones?" said Jay.

"Yeah. I think he/it wuld be the only one who would bring back music to the world. But we must be careful."

"I'm up for it. I'm pretty much up for anything."

I smiled. Mrs. Kerk came out with cookies.

"You two better be prepared for the journey. You better take a couple first aid kits, at least a couple piar of clothes, and plenty of food and water. I trust you two. I know that you can do it. That's why I have no problem with you two doing this."

Jay and I packed all we needed and in the morning we were to head off to our first stop. We were going to the Humble Ones' Branch with Mr. Benson. I realized we needed to find some clues there. I realized we... needed him.

The End

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