The next morning, the sun was out its first time in 5 months. Lately, it was either raining or just cloudy. But the sun was out. Maybe it was a sign. I had just listened to the sweet music yesterday. The forbidden sweet melody that traveled through and stole my soul.

Mr. Benson was so calm wen he talked about music. After all, he was the head of the Humble Ones. But it so very idiotic to ban music, when people had the choice to listen to it or not. People had their own will.

But I guess, Mr. Benson did not understand. But from his eyes, I could tell that he wished music was not banned. I don't think he was the one who banned music. Though he seemed powerful, I think there was someone even higher than him. I could Mr. Benson was a delicate man inside. He was being tortured inside. He was melting without music. He was a dummy in the hands of someone more powerful than the Humble Ones themsleves.

But I refused to go back to him. I did not want to trouble him any longer. I was to go to Mrs. Kerk, the lady who started my fondness about music. I recalled those Church bells in the countryside. They were the only things that made a delightful sound now. But I was sure to get back music into the hearts of those who yearn for it.

The sun was out today in 5 months. Today was the beginning of my journey. Today I had made a discovery. I was the only one who could bring back music into the hearts of the people.

The End

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