I began confidently down the long grey street, towards one of the innumerable government branches directed by The Humble Ones.  But as the reality of what I was really looking for sunk in, my footsteps weren't so sure, my shoulders lost some of their confident starch, my strides fell closer together.  Two building fronts from the Branch I stopped altogether.

Was I really going to a fairly important Branch of the most powerful group of people in the world to ask about this thing called "music," something they'd deemed illegal and nonexistent before I was born?  Was I really going to show myself as curious, and therefore suspicious?  Would I have to explain myself?  Would I even have to tell them who I was?  I especially hoped I wouldn't have to do that; it may have cost my father his job.

Perhaps I don't have to worry about any of that, I thought.  I'm young enough to be curious, yet safe.  They'll probably just try to scare the curiosity right out of me.  But I'll have to see for myself what this "music" really is.  A sure smile fanned across my lips.  I nodded to myself and finished the walk to the Branch.

The End

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