The Last Song Sung

It's the year 2999. Music is banned. The Humble Ones Rule the world. Mercy Servins wants music to fill the hearts of people once again. She has to find the one thing more powerful than the head of the Humble Ones. Not only does she give up her morals, but maybe even her life?


"What the hell is that?"

The woman spoke in a faint whisper.

"Music, my dear, is what brought harmony and melody to the earth. It digged deep into the hearts of the young and the old. It expressed feelings and passion. It was the very core of the Earth's soul. It's gone."

"So, now what you're saying the earth's dull and melancholy?"

"Yes, in my opinion, it is. Don't tell them though. They are the reason for this. Please, never bring this up again."

The woman stood, fixed her skirt and walked away. Music? It sounded so... different. I wonder what it sounds like. The word itself fascinated me. Music sounded so unique, the word gave me the chills. 

The woman had said "Don't tell them." Them. The Humble Ones. I'm guessing that's what she meant. Why couldn't I tell them? My father was a Humble One. I tell him everything. But I guess I could ask my mother. The Humble Ones were quiet people. They ruled the Earth. I could only think well of them.

That night, while my mother prepared dinner I leaned on the kitchen counter wondering about what the lady had told me. The very core of the Earth's soul.

"Mom," I asked stuttering, "what did music sound like?"

My mom dropped the knife she was holding.

"What did you say?" she said whispering harshly.

"Music," I said calmly, "what did it sound like?"

"Don't you EVER repeat that word again in this house. I know I haven't told you this, but music has vanished from this Earth's surface since that very day The Humble Ones declared it a sin to listen and sing that word! Please, honey, don't repeat it ever again for your life's sake."

I backed away. Why would music, which sounded so harmless be banished? But I kept my mother's word. I did not speak of it all at dinner. But I was sure to listen to it somehow.

The End

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