The Last Seven Plagues

Bible story from revelation

I was walking down the road and heard a scream and saw people running all around with soars and lumps and blood dripping all over their bodies then they appeared on me. I ran around screaming and scratching at them the pain was almost unbearable. Finally night fell and the sores were gone.


The next day I went out fishing to get some food for my family and when I got to the beach area the ocean was still and all of the fish were floating in the water and laying dead on the beach while all the seagulls were picking there eyes out and flying away. Some people were picking up the fish and eating them but they got sick and died.


Later that day I heard startling screams and I ran outside only to sea all the river and springs blood red and as thick as blood people began to get thirsty but there was no clean water to drink so people everywhere were beginning to die from thirst. 


The next day the sun was hotter than it has ever been before it was burning people blood was dripping down there faces and they said it felt like they were on fire. I walked outside to bring our cow in so he didn’t die of the sun but when I walked out to get the cow. I felt like I was on fire then I made it  to where the cow would be and it was already dead some of his hair was burnt on it. I thought to myself I hope I can make it back inside. I saw some shade and I tried to walk over to it and it but I could barely make it, I finally made it and everything started to turn black I couldn’t remember anything after that.


It was night and everybody seemed to be screaming with joy then it was time for the sun to come up. Everybody was in darkness and they were going crazy not the sun moon or stars shown it was pitch black I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face and I wanted to go outside and help but I didn’t have any candles or any thing so all day I was in pitch black I tried to sleep but I wasn’t tired and it was to dark for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. So I walked around all day feeling my way around like a blind man.


The darkness finally went away and the sun came up but when it came up the great Euphrates river dried up we all began to thirst and die I had some water stocked up in my house though so this wouldn’t happen to me. Since the great river dried up Babylon lost the war and Cyrus and the kings of the east won. 


The next day there was a strong earthquake rocks from mountains and houses were falling down when I was in my house and my house started crumbling and I tried to run outside but my wife didn’t make it and got smashed by the house I went back to the rubble of my house only to see my wife impaled with a stake and laying in a puddle of her own blood. I took one look at her and broke down in tears and screaming the ground was still shaking so hard that it was bouncing my knees on the ground. I tried to pull the stake out of the ground so I could go and bury her but the ground was shaking to hard and I couldn’t get a good grip on the stake. So I just tried to get out of all of the rubble but it was so thick that I couldn’t get out of it. My leg got trapped under a piece of stone that fell from a pile and I couldn’t get my leg out I was pulling and pulling but my leg wasn’t budging. I started panicking and screaming for help but no one came I couldn’t get out. Then another piece of stone fell and chopped my arm off and I was laying in a puddle of blood I looked at it for a second in shock and screamed as loud as I could but nobody came. I was in shock and I barely felt any pain then the earthquake stopped shortly I had lost so much blood that I was trying to stay alive I didn’t even have the energy to scream. I was blacking out when I saw a blurry figure walking up to me then I don’t remember anything after that I woke up and I was in somebody’s house and my arm and my leg were missing then I didn’t find anything else to live for my wife was gone my house everything so I thanked the family that took care of me. Then I walked outside and found a big cliff then I jumped off of it.

The End

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