Sixteen years later

The sun shined off the paneled windows of the multiple skyscrapers of the busy city of Nyordan, reflecting the sun beams toward the cloudless sky. The bustling city was lively and vivid with the incessant honking of the cars during noontime.

Some kilometres from the city of Nyordan the small, suburban community of Ceres Hills was located, with average looking houses and great yards filled with trees and flowers. On the highest part of the hill, there was a shabby-looking wood house, the white paint was slowly fading away and the yard was untrimmed, with overgrown hedges, shrubs, and grass. There was a tree with a forsaken tire-swing, the remembrance of a playful childhood.

In the porch there was a man dozing off in a rocking chair, he was listening to the soft murmurs of the wind in this hot day. His clothes were casual and loose, aging man with laughs wrinkles complimenting his joyful complexion. He opened his eyes and his gaze rested on the swing in the tree. Memories resurfaced in his mind as he remembered building the swing for his daughter, or rather, her protégé.

He was the guardian for the only Aurem born into this century. After sixteen years he still remembered the events vividly. Sixteen years ago, he was entrusted by the Hunter, Valtor, to take the baby away and care for her. His wife and nanna of the baby was sacrificed to smuggle the baby out of the continent. Pain seared through his chest, tearing, once again, his heart apart. He shut his eyes tightly, pushing the memories to the back of his mind. Those memories belonged to the darkness now.

He took the baby away, he owed it to Valtor. He escaped the northern continent in his old ship and for a week they navigated through the vast open ocean seeking a sanctuary. A place in which they were going to be safe while the Hunters hunted the Pures and insure their extinction.

A shadow fell on him, a tall glass of lemonade was placed in front of him. He saw droplets of dew in the exterior of the glass. The lemonade looked cool and inviting, in contrast to the burning sun. He followed the extended arm holding the glass and found his adoptive daughter, Arelyn.

"Thirsty, Pargot?" Arelyn asked in a sing song voice.

"Thank you Arelyn," Pargot took the glass in his wrinkled hand and placed his dry, chapped lips on the glass, seeping the delicious and refreshing lemonade.

Arelyn was the moon spirit in person. Her ivory-white skin glowed underneath the light, and when in shadow it was pale and unblemished. Her youthful face always had a warm smile, even to strangers. What never ceased to amazed Pargot was how her skin glowed at night, especially when the moon was shining magnificently in the night sky.

Then there was her eyes, despite his age and the role he played in her life, he could never help himself but plunder into the azure of her eyes and be completely lost in them. Her eyes were a bright blue colour, deep and mysterious, with streaks of silver tainting her iris. Her eyes shined with a smile and were a pool of blue when she cried. Her shoulder-length, straight, silvery blond her framed her face bestowing her an almost angelic complexion. She was an angel to Pargot, a blessing.

Arelyn clasped her hands behind her back and watch her adoptive father and guarding drink the lemonade. She was dressed in a plaid shirt with her favourite blue jeans and comfortable pair of worn converse, ready to go out. Pargot had raised her ever since she had memory, he was always against the idea that she called him father. She respected his decision, after all, he had confided in her the tragic death of his wife. Arelyn's life was normal, or that was what she liked to think.

"Need anything?" Pargot asked, his eyes were staring knowingly at Arelyn. He handed her back the glass, he knew Arelyn too well. She wanted something.

"Well, now that  you mention it," Arelyn said, a smile lighting her face. "My friends asked me out for a flowers exposition in the Flower District and I was wondering if I was allow to go." Arelyn's voice was captivating, her words flowed from her mouth with delicacy. On second thoughts she added, "alone... with my friends."

A smirk crossed Pargot's face, he must admit he has been a very overprotective guardian. But his being overprotective was well based and highly asked for, Arelyn must not die, at least not now.

"Please Pargot!" Arelyn begged, "its such a beautiful day to be spent inside!"

Pargot hesitated, he sighed and took Arelyn's hand in his, "be back before the sun sets."

Arelyn's arms closed around Pargot's neck in a full embrace. "Thank you so much! I promise I will be back before it gets dark, I always am!"

"Have fun," Pargot said, before Arelyn sprinted toward the street and was walking to the city. He then prayed, against all odds, that she will be okay. He knew that someone was watching over her, a Hunter.

Arelyn skipped down the sidewalk, it was very unusual of her going around the neighbourhood alone and she was grateful for the opportunity. After a ten minutes walk she was going to set foot in the city and watched the marvelous Flower District.

She heard movement right above her, then her flesh started burning. Her hand moved to feel her heart and with her fingers she traced her birthmark. She had always been amused and curious by the strange shape of her birthmark, although she must admit it was pretty. Lately, the birthmark had been burning constantly, those pains started just after she turned sixteen.

She rubbed the flesh and the pain was residing. She continued her path, unaware of the dangers that lurked in the shadows surrounding her, even in broad daylight.


A pale figure had been watching her from behind a tree, his face was sallow and pale, with golden, cat-like eyes. He licked his thin lips with the tip of his dry tongue, his mouth thirsted for blood. An Aurem had just crossed his path, he was sure of that.

The End

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