Leaving danger behind

The brilliant full moon shone through sheets of thin clouds, howling from the wolfs were heard in the distance. The wind was blowing mercilessly against the Earth, bending the tree branches at its will. Figures were assembled near the lake in the middle of this forsaken, northern land. These figures were heavily cloaked, this thin pale faces were reflected on the dark waters of the lake.

One more figure joined the party, he pulled back his hood from his head and the other figure's attention were now focused on him.

"Brothers they are in the mayor's house," he whispered, his fangs showing behind his thin lips, "the baby is being guarded by four Hunters and other officers who have fire arms with them."

"Fire arms are nothing for us," one pure vampire said by his side. "It is the hunters we must be careful of." He slid the hood off his head, exposing his pale face and gray eyes to the moonlight. Being said that, the figures disappeared like air in the atmosphere, their swift-moving feet were taking them to the massive house standing in the middle of the town. They hid in the shadows, waiting for their signal.

Inside the house, a baby girl was being tucked with several quilts. The nanna was gently hiding the birthmark on its delicate, smooth skin.

"The pures will soon be after her," a man with a gruff voice said, he had a beard the length of his chest. He shouldered an axe, looking at his three other companions.

A young man with long silvery hair was leaning against a bookshelf, he sword was unsheathed, he look out of the window. His name was Dreiran, he had been the first transformed hunter and he had been in charge of seeking for the Aurems and protecting them. After several red moons he had finally come across what might be the last of the Aurems. It was a baby girl, born into a family of peasants somewhere in the south. Dreiran took her away from her family and gave her to the mayor, that way he insured she would be protected the whole time. He was not very sure about it now.

"Get the baby out through the back door," Dreiran said in a hushed whisper, "follow the plan." The nanna quickly took the sleeping baby in her arms and scurried out of the room.

"What was that for?" the bearded man asked, "did you hear something?"

Before Dreiran could answer, his companion was screaming in horror, as the head of one of the soldiers bounced on the floor, directly to his feet. Dread and blood filled the room, Dreiran brandished his sword, facing, once again, the pures.

Three pures made their appearance, the leader, Valtor, was not with them. Shots from the rifles and guns pierced the Pures flesh but did not harm them, swiftly they moved around the bodies, leaving corpses behind them.

"Quick!" Dreiran ordered as the Hunters were taking out their weapons to strike the Pures. A deafening sound occurred whenever their limbs collided with each other.

"Filthy half-bloods vampires," a Pure snarled at Dreiran as he was holding him down on the table, the sharp claw-like fingers were inches from Dreiran's face. "You deserve to die, along with the others of your kind."

Dreiran's grasp on the Pure's wrist was stronger and he finally break it. The Pure was shrieking in agony as he writhed on the ground. Dreiran took his sword handle with both hands and stabbed the vampire in its heart. The Pure grasped the blade feebly, leaving cuts in his own hands as he tried to pull the sword out.

Dreiran gave him a grim smile, "you would want it out, don't you?"

The Pure was now gasping for air, his hand outstretched trying to reach for Dreiran's face. Dreiran didn't gave him a chance and quickly dislodge the sword from the dying body. The pungent smell of rotten blood filled his nostril as he sniffed it away, he turned to his companions who had also showed their superiority of strength. They rushed out of the bloody room and ran into the forest, fearing for the success of their plan.

Meanwhile in the middle of the forest, two Pures were holding the neck of the nanna and pinning her against the rough bark of the tree. Their nails were digging deep into her skin as she tried to pulled apart the fingers gripping at her neck.

"Where is the baby?" the Pure with gray eyes threatened, his name was Valtor, his sharp nails were piercing the woman's side, blood gushed out.

The woman yelp helplessly, "you will never touched her," she seethed, in a half whine.

Valtor face was contorted with rage and he ended the woman's life. Her body fell on the blood pool beneath her. The vampire servant accompanying Valtor dropped to his knees and drank the blood of the aging woman with joy.

"Let's go before the Hunters appear," he said and once again disappeared into the darkness.

The Hunters arrived too late, and closed the nanna's eyes. Her mission was accomplished, the baby was now sailing away from this continent in a shabby looking boat, with a fisherman whom will be her guardian.

The End

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