The Last Red Moon

A struggle for survival.


Vampires (Pure): creatures or beings who depend on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, dead or living, for survival. They are bloodsucking demons as old as men themselves. Their general appearance is that of a pale complexion and alluring features, their tentative lips conceals dangerous, sharp fangs that would only appear after twilight and disappear at dawn. They have dark ringlets under their mysterious-looking eyes. Eyes of different colours with silver or golden streaks in the iris and surrounding the pupil is a pale, reddish aura. They have inhuman and supernatural abilities, making them deadly predators. They cannot procreated among their race, the only way to ensure their race is through transformation. Transformation can only occur during the Aeolyn period--period where the moon is completely red, shining through a cloudless night. Their mortal bite will transform humans into vampires. Immortal, never-aging, and rapid healing.

Vampires (Hunters): Human beings who renounced voluntarily to their humanity and undergo the process of becoming a vampire by injecting vampire blood to their hearts. During the elapse time of a week their bodies will be subjected to painful changes, starting with the destruction of their heart. They will gain supernatural abilities and strength, enough power to hunt down the Pures and kill them. Their hearts do not beat, they heal fast, but they do aged nor are reproductively fertile.

Aurems: Human beings blessed by the spirit of the moon. They are born a few every century, always during New Moon. When an Aurem dies it always occurs during nighttime --for whatever reason--, the moon will turn red, signaling the beginning of Aeolyn. The period of Aeolyn starts at midnight and ends at dawn. The Aurems are born with a birthmark upon the flesh directly above their heart in the shape of a waning crescent moon inscribed in a ring with wings at its side. Their skin is ivory white, their eyes are deep, bright blue with streaks of silver tainting the iris.

Human: The ever-so vulnerable race, in a short period of time they've become the feeding source of pure vampires, the ones in need of the protection from the Hunters, and they walk among aurems. They are the worst predators of the world--second to the Pures.

The History

Pure vampires are as old as human race, they exist in the darkness feeding from flesh and blood, usually human. They terrorize towns and exterminate anybody who crosses their path, their thirst to kill is greater during the Red Moon period, something they later called Aeolyn Period, in remembrance to the demon who bestowed them the power of becoming vampires.These night crawlers attack only at night, leaving behind many bodies of decomposing flesh.

A group of people from a small warring town found some of their townsfolk dead and blood-drained at the basin of a river. They armed themselves to battle these beings when night arrived. They crept in the darkness and awaited the being to appear. When it finally did, he killed a woman set as a bait, the warriors lunged on the vampire, capturing him and overpowering it. 

Bind in chains, they took the vampire to an underground laboratory for experiments, they saw that during the daytime the vampire fangs disappeared, his complexion was ghastly and gaunt, the ringlets around his eyes were deep and dark. A wave of terror seized the nearby towns, rotting corpses were much more common. In desperation, these group of scientist extracted blood to test it and find a weapon against these dangerous creatures, in one stormy night the major discovery was made.

The young son of a scientist was down on the laboratory, curiosity drove the young man to witness the vampire strapped to the table. The vampire had his eyes closed, for weeks not a drop of blood had tempted his mouth, his lips were white. The man walked clumsily and dropped some of the blood sample to the floor, he stooped to pick them up when he tripped on some cables and fell face down upon a syringe, the vacuum contained vampire's blood. The syringe pierced his chest and the blood was pumped to his heart. Pain seized his body, he writhed in agony, he screamed his life out.

The next day the scientists found the unconscious body of the man lying on the floor. They sent for the doctor but nothing could be done, the man's heart had stopped beating, but there was still breathe in him. A week later, the man opened his eyes, he was changed. He began developing abnormal abilities, displaying great strength and agility. This seemed like a miracle.

During a night, the trapped vampire was entering a state of lunacy and his thirst of blood was greater, he wriggled on the table, cursing as the scientists tried to tranquilize him injecting somniferous substances in his body. That angered him more, he broke away the chains and killed the scientists, drinking insatiably of their blood and feeding on their flesh.

The man went down to the room to discover a bloodbath, the vampire was crouching on the floor drinking blood from his father's arm. Infuriated and aggravated he charged toward the vampire, holding its neck with a tight grip, the man's hand formed a wedge which he used to pierced the vampire's heart. The pure died instantly.

The Legion was formed, a selected few voluntarily accept being transform into hunters by injecting blood in their hearts to be able to hunt vampires. War erupted between the two races. The number of deaths and corpses diminished, and the population of vampires and hunters declined. The remaining vampires waited eagerly for the Aeolyn period to come thus hiding away from the Hunters in the shadows, but they were impatient. They wanted the secret to the red moon.

They began examining the human population closely, learning their lifestyles and integrating in them. They soon discovered the Aurems and began exterminating them, propitiating the red moon and the swarms for transformation. The Hunters had a new task: hunt down vampires, and protect the innocent people --especially the Aurems.

In this new century, only one Aurem was born into it.

The End

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