Rosetta Marie Parker

Here I am. Sitting in a hospital. Without Kylie, without anybody. Her and Eric were at school. And my mom was at work.

I was completely alone.

But it was better that way. For everyone.

They didn't have to see me grow weaker and eventually die, they chose to. It's time for them to say goodbye to me. Forever.



"Yeah, Rosie? What's the matter, are you to scared?"

"You wish. It's just...I'm not sure we're supposed to do this. I mean my mom says it's dangerous."

Kylie smirked. "Well that's a pile of crap."

My mouth dropped at the word. Six year old girls didn't say that.

"Kylie, you shouldn't say that."

"Why, it's not a swear."

"Yeah it is!"

"No it isn't!"

The End

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