Rosetta Marie Parker

In three weeks, Kylie would be going to school. With or without me. Kylie would make new friends, friends that weren't like me. Friends that didn't have problems.

Tears streaked down my face and I lifted my shirt to wipe them. I couldn't think of Kylie without me or me without Kylie. We were halfs, together we made a whole.

She'd be heartbroken if I passed on, sure she'd make knew ones, but not ones that fit perfectly as I did. That's why I needed to hold on to life, as long as I could. I was strong, but cancer was stronger.

I wished I was normal, just a normal teenage girl who had a mother and a father that loved her. She was spoiled and had everything she wanted. She had no problems. Unfortunatley that dream would never happen for I was not normal, I had a father who was a bastard. I was not spoiled. I didn't have everything I wanted. And I had problems. Major problems.

I closed my eyes and soon enough I was asleep, dreaming of the one thing I wanted, the one thing that would make my life better.

The End

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