Hope Loss

Rosetta Marie Parker

I was ready, ready to die, ready for anything thrown my way. It seemed like I had a million problems. Each night after my mother had said goodnight I asked God the same question, Why Me?

The doctor had said I had lukemia and that I was going to die. It was different than telling myself, having someone practically say that you were going to die, seeing no hope left in there eyes, well it's hard. There was no hope left. I was to die.

Kylie came over everyday telling me it was going to be alright, but I knew alright meant okay and okay meant not so good. Each day I grew weaker, each day loosing color in my face.

Do you know how it feels to see your life pass before your eyes?

It felt like yesterday me and Kylie were just kids playing princesses in my old house. But now I was a fifteen year old girl with major problems. I sometimes wished I would just die in my sleep, it was better than living threw everyday, each one you loose hope.


The End

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