Please Save Me

Rosetta Marie Parker

Fear closed in. How stupid of me to go out here alone. I knew I had cancer, I knew I had problems with swimming already, but I still did it.

A hand bumped my head. Ouch, I sucked in a breath of salt water.

Kyles? Was it really Kyles? Am I really going to get saved.

It felt like hours passed, and I began to looses hope. Maybe it was just my imagination. My hopes lowered.

I was stupid, down right stupid. A stupid girl who was going to drown...

"ROSIE!" Two hands pushed on my chest, demanding my heart beat the match the regular pace.

"ROSIE! Don't die, no don't die. Please don't die." The hands began to stop pounding and water spit out of my mouth.

I could breath! I could breath! I took in a breath full of air. Ooh, it felt nice.


Something hit my stomach and I curled up into a ball. I couldn't breath, I mean I could but I couldn't seem to make myself.

Blackness took hold of my mind. I couldn't see anything.

Again, I felt like I was stupid. A stupid, careless, crappy girl. The girl named Rosetta Marie Parker.

The End

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